Meet The Team

Meet the team behind Brawl Stars Daily! We will continue to grow as our website and Brawl Stars develop!

*The dates are the date of the authors’ first blog post.

Pattyfist – I’m a content creator, writer, designer, and founder of Brawl Stars Daily. I will ensure the best quality Brawl Stars content there is! ()


Simply Pete– I am a YouTuber, website designer, and love making entertaining videos and blogs to keep you up to date with all the latest news. (8/16/2017)






Milestgg– I love Brawl Stars and I am a writer and a Youtuber. My favorite game mode is Showdown with Mortis as my favorite brawler. ()


GalaxyUnknown5- Hi, I’m a player of Brawl Stars from Australia. I’ll do my best to provide the best content for you all! ()


Master Phil




Bobby Kazoole- Hi! I’m BobbyKazoole, a longtime fan and player of Supercell games. Brawl Stars, in particular, is so unique and interesting and I am really excited not just for the game now, but for the future of it as it ports to Android and goes global. My favorite Brawler is Crow (thank RNGesus for that) and my favorite game mode is Brawl Ball. (12/1/2017)



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