Lootcakes – Earn Rewards for Spending In Brawl Stars!

What if I told you that you could earn rewards by playing Brawl Stars the same way you currently do? Don’t believe me? Introducing Lootcakes, a platform that rewards you whenever you make an in-app purchase in Brawl Stars and other free-to-play mobile games. We are proud to announce our partnership with Lootcakes to bring you, the player, the best opportunity to earn by continuing to play your favorite mobile games. Interested? Find out more about Lootcakes and how you can earn below. Stick around to win some bonus cash!


What is Lootcakes?

Lootcakes is an online platform that allows gamers to share their in-game purchasing data from free-to-play games in exchange for digital gift card rewards. Lootcakes rewards purchases made in free-to-play games on the App Store, Google Play, and Steam (U.S. region only). In other words, you’re receiving rewards for purchases you were going to make anyway!

Lootcakes home page

In addition, you can activate PowerUps, join Alliances, and check out their Nation page for interesting reads and the latest offers – more about these later.

Join Lootcakes via our referral link to support us and join the giveaway: https://lootcakes.com/register/step1/AF7DX.

How can I earn with Lootcakes?

Lootcakes rewards members whenever they make a qualifying purchase in any qualifying games in a currency of the same name (LC$). However, you can also earn lootcakes without spending any money at all! Plus, you can earn LC$ for purchases you made before making a Lootcakes account. I’ll go into more detail for each of the methods below.

P.S. By joining, you also enter into the giveaway below for MORE rewards!

Earn With Qualifying Purchases

The primary method of earning LC$ is by making real-money purchases in any qualifying game that you’ve added. Here’s what constitutes a qualifying game (must meet all requirements):

  • Business Model – Free-to-Play (FTP)
  • Platform – App Store (iOS), Google Play, Steam
  • Region of Purchase – United States

Qualifying purchases must be:

  1. A purchase made in any qualifying game
  2. An in-app purchase or downloadable content purchases (no subscriptions)
  3. Made in U.S. dollars

In order to receive LC$ for a qualifying purchase, you must link your email account where you receive purchase receipts and link it to Lootcakes. More about linking your accounts will be explained in a later section.

Notice: your purchase could get rejected. To know why your purchase got rejected, you can read Lootcake’s Help page: https://lootcakes.com/help/faq#eligible_purchases.

To add a game to your account, click the “Search/Add Games” button on the Citizens page and type in your desired games.

Adding games on Lootcakes

Earn With Alliances

Alliances (think Brawl Stars Clubs) are a great way to earn lootcakes with other Alliance members. To join an Alliance, click the Alliance tab and either search or create an Alliance – feel free to join Brawl Stars Daily’s Alliance with over 250 members (Alliance name: Brawl Stars Daily)! Each Alliance is dedicated to a specific game, so search or create alliances for all qualifying mobile games you play! Note: You can join multiple Alliances to earn even more.

Lootcakes Alliances

Whenever an Alliance member in a qualifying alliance (Alliance with 5+ members) makes a qualifying purchase for that game, all Alliance members share a LC$ sum that’s split with all Alliance members in good standing. Please note that this LC$ is a bonus on top of the LC$ the spender receives. As such, Alliances are a great way to earn LC$ with others, even if you rarely (or don’t) spend money yourself!

In addition, you may occasionally win Alliance awards that can reward you LC$.

Collecting Your LC$

To collect, or “harvest,” your LC$, click on the “Harvest” tab to collect individual LC$ or click the “go to History” link on the Harvest page to collect all your rewards at once.

Harvest LC$

How much can I earn?

The amount of lootcakes you can receive from qualifying purchases depend on 1) your XP level, and 2) if you have any active PowerUps.

Lootcakes XP

Your Lootcakes XP level dictates the “base rate” at which you earn LC$. You receive XP for completing a variety of tasks such as creating an account, making your first approved purchase, and referring members to your Alliances. You can learn more about earn rates and XP here: https://lootcakes.com/help/faq#earn_rate.


PowerUps are boosts that increase the amount of LC$ you earn per dollar spent. You can find available PowerUps in the “PowerUps” tab for the games you have added.

Lootcakes PowerUps

Please note that you must activate a PowerUp before making your purchase for it to qualify (before it expires!).

Each PowerUp has a different LC$ multiplier, limits, and other details. Please view each PowerUp’s details page for more information about them.

PowerUp details

Earning Limits

Lootcakes does impose limits for how much LC$ you can earn from qualifying purchases per month (there are no limits for Alliance bonuses).

Click here to view the limits yourself along with other restrictions.

LC$ to USD Conversion Rate

Every 50,000 LCS$ = $1 USD. In other words, you are getting a base rate (at level 3) of 1% LC$-back on your qualifying purchases. This may not seem like a lot, but when combined with PowerUps and Alliance bonuses, you can rack up LC$ pretty quickly for your next digital gift card reward!

Join Lootcakes via our referral link to support us and join the giveaway: https://lootcakes.com/register/step1/AF7DX.

Connecting your Brawl Stars account to Lootcakes

In order to earn LC$ on your in-app purchases, you must first connect your Lootcakes account to whichever email account your iTunes, Google Play, or Steam accounts are connected to. This is because whenever someone makes a purchase within a mobile or online game, they’ll receive an email receipt documenting that purchase. Lootcakes enables gamers to share this data by linking the email accounts at which they receive such purchase receipts. In other words, this step is a must: otherwise, you won’t earn LC$ for your purchases!

Unfortunately, Lootcakes currently only supports Gmail for receipt detection – they are working on adding other email providers. This does not mean that your Lootcakes account needs to use a Gmail address, just that your App Store, Google Play, and Steam accounts where you make purchases must be linked to the connected Gmail account.

Linking accounts on Lootcakes

To connect your Brawl Stars account, click the button under Linked Email Accounts (or the plus sign like shown above) and add your Gmail account. This must be the same Gmail account your purchases are connected to! If you get an error about security, follow the instructions by Lootcakes on the screen to get through it. If you need any additional help, feel free to contact Lootcakes support. They are working to make this process easier in the future.

Once your account is connected, any eligible purchases before and after will earn you LC$ which you can use to redeem gift cards!


Lootcakes offers a variety of gift card/voucher options to redeem your LC$ for. Unfortunately, they do not support PayPal redeeming at this time. The screenshot below only displays 5 options, but the “Reward Link Preferred” option actually contains dozens of gift card brands. Lootcakes is partnered with Tango Card (Reward Link Preferred) which allows you to use your Tango balance (after redeeming a specified amount from Lootcakes.com) to receive gift cards for brands like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and more!

Lootcakes reward options

Once you reach the minimum redemption thresholds (different for each reward), you can redeem the gift card which will be emailed to you immediately! Remember that 50,000 LC$ = $1 USD.

How to join Lootcakes

“So, how can I join Lootcakes and start earning on my qualifying in-game purchases?” Simply visit Lootcakes’ website through our partner link: https://lootcakes.com/register/step1/AF7DX and click the “Sign Up” button on the top right of the screen.

Notice: Lootcakes currently only allows U.S. residents to join (they’re working on globally expanding).

Lootcakes signup

You’ll be redirected to the Sign Up page where you need to fill out your email address, username, birthday, and country of residence. Once you fill those out and hit NEXT, you’ll see the following page:

Lootcakes signup page 2

Here, you can choose your preferred login method (I recommend Google since you’ll need to connect your Google account to Lootcakes anyways) and receive 10 XP to start with! Welcome to Lootcakes!

Join Lootcakes via our referral link to support us and join the giveaway: https://lootcakes.com/register/step1/AF7DX.


In addition to earning cash-back on your in-game purchases, Lootcakes will also be sponsoring a $50 giveaway to kick things off! PLUS, we will be adding an additional $20 giveaway (2×10) on TOP of that for a total of $70!

Lootcakes $50 giveaway

How to enter

To enter the $50 Lootcakes giveaway, you simply need to join Lootcakes using our referral link and connect your Gmail account to your Lootcakes account by April 15th. That’s it, no purchase is necessary to win! 1 lucky member will be chosen by Lootcakes and rewarded in LC$ or gift card balance (winner’s choice). Remember, you must be a U.S. resident to sign up and win.

To enter the bonus $20 (2×10) giveaway by Brawl Stars Daily, all you have to do on top of the above steps is to join our Alliance and fill out this Google Form with your Lootcakes Brawl Stars in-game username*! The deadline to enter is April 15, 2021.

Please note: As long as you apply to join on or before April 15, you will be eligible to win 1 of 2 $10 rewards (Nitro, iTunes, or Google Play – U.S., CAN, or UK).

*This may be different than your Lootcakes username. More details about this can be found on the Google Form.

So as a quick recap:

$50 Lootcakes giveaway:

  • To enter:
    • Join Lootcakes using our referral link
    • Link your Gmail account to your Lootcakes account
  • Deadline: April 15, 2021
  • Reward: 1x$50 Lootcakes balance or gift card of choice

$20 Brawl Stars Daily bonus giveaway:

  • To enter:
    • Complete the steps to enter the Lootcakes giveaway
    • Join Brawl Stars Daily’s Alliance in Lootcakes (Alliance name: Brawl Stars Daily – Simply Pete as Leader)
    • Fill out this Google Form to confirm your entry: https://forms.gle/A5yGQiMYx3DUBKpe9
  • Deadline: April 15, 2021
  • Reward: 2x$10 iTunes, Google Play, or Discord Nitro


Firstly, if you’ve gotten this far, kudos to you.

Brawl Stars Daily has partnered with Lootcakes to bring you the best opportunity to earn rewards while playing Brawl Stars or other FTP mobile games. Join Lootcakes with our referral code, add your games, join Alliances, link your Gmail account, and earn LC$ when you or an Alliance member make a qualifying in-app purchase! You can redeem your LC$ for dozens of gift cards at popular brands. In addition, you will also be entered into a $50 Lootcakes sweepstakes by connecting your Gmail account after signing up with our referral code plus win an additional $20 from us!

So what are you waiting for Brawlers? Click the link below and get started now! You can also join our Discord server for updates, giveaways, and more.


  • How does Lootcakes earn money?

    Lootcakes earns money by sharing member data to help game publishers connect and communicate with members (and other gamers like them) more efficiently through advertising and marketing, and to bring members special offers. In exchange, Lootcakes rewards members with Lootcakes which can be redeemed for a variety of gift cards.

  • Is Lootcakes a scam?

    No, Lootcakes is not a scam. I have personally used Lootcakes for over 2 years and can confidently refer you to them! They share member spending data with game developers in exchange for LC$.

  • Does Lootcakes support international purchase receipts?

    Lootcakes only supports U.S. purchases at this time. They are working on expanding globally soon!

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