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June Brawl Talk: New Brawler Surge, TONS of New Skins, and More

The Brawl Stars summer 2020 update is approaching with the release of the June Brawl Talk. This June Brawl Talk, conveniently named the “Summer of Monsters,” gives us a sneak peek of what’s to come soon. So, what was announced in this episode of Brawl Talk? Here’s a recap for ya.

NEW Chromatic Brawler: Surge

Surge is the new Chromatic rarity Brawler coming with the new season pass.

Chromatic Brawler Surge

According to Dani and Ryan, Surge’s attack is a combination of Gene and Spike’s. Essentially, Surge shoots out a Gene-like projectile that splits into Spike’s pegs once it hits an enemy.

Surge attack

Surge’s Super is interesting: it deals no damage. Instead, Surge leaps in the air (around 1 sec immunity) and upgrades himself. With each upgrade Surge gets stronger, although the Brawl Talk doesn’t say how or by how much. You can upgrade Surge up to 3 times, but note that once you die, he loses all upgrades.

Surge Super

NEW Skins

The Summer of Monsters themed Brawl Stars update revolves heavily around new skins. In other words, there are tons of new skins coming.

2 Brawl Pass Exclusive Skins

This time around, there will be 2 Brawl Pass exclusive skins rather than 1. You unlock the first skin immediately and the second skin at tier 60.

  • Super Ranger Brock
Super Ranger Brock
  • Mecha Paladin Surge
Mecha Paladin Surge

NEW True Silver and True Gold Skins

In this update, the dev team is adding two new types of skins aimed at players who have a large sum of Gold just sitting there. Introducing True Silver and True Gold skins – you can only buy these with Gold!

True Silver Skins

True Silver skins cost 10,000 Gold each (quite pricey!) and are pretty much just a completely silver variant for the Brawlers. You also must be at least Power 9 on the Brawler before you can purchase this skin.

True Silver skins

True Gold Skins

True Gold skins cost 25,000 Gold each. However, you must have the True Silver variant of the skin before you can purchase the True Gold variant as well. In other words, one True Gold skin costs a whopping 35,000 Gold to obtain. If you’re free-to-play, don’t expect to get many of these bad boys any time soon.

True Gold skins

Summer of Monsters Skins

  • Mega Beetle Bea
Mega Beetle Bea
  • King Crab Tick
King Crab Tick
  • Streetwear Max
Streetwear Max

NEW Game-mode: Super City Rampage

A brand new game mode is coming out as well called Super City Rampage. In this game mode, your objective is to defeat the monster (boss) before he destroys the city (in other words within 2 minutes).

Super City Rampage

Although the Brawl Talk doesn’t go into detail about the game mode, it seems like the monster does attack players and can also become stronger (similar to the Boss raging in Boss Fight…actually this new game mode is pretty much just Boss Fight).

NEW Pins

There are new Pins coming in the summer update along with the ability to select Pins to use during a match (they mentioned this in the last Brawl Talk). In other words, Pins can actually be seen now.

Other Changes

  • You can now collect Brawl Pass rewards in any order (woop!)
  • New obstacle: Rope Fence – You can shoot through these but cannot walk through them (Supers can destroy them like normal walls)
Rope fence obstacle
  • New environment (unknown name)
New environment
  • Hot Zone is here to stay – Hot Zone will now go into the map rotation and new Quests
Hot Zone
  • Trophy Road extension – The Trophy Road now goes up to 50,000 trophies (abit overkill if you ask me). And yes, you just get a Mega Box for reaching 50,000 haha.
Trophy Road extension
  • Crow and White Crow are getting remodels
  • 10 New Gadgets

At the end of the Brawl Talk, the video teased some new Gadgets and displayed “10 Gadgets!” on the screen. However, the video only shows very brief clips of what these 10 (Brawlers are getting more than 1 Gadget now I guess) new Gadgets will be, so I won’t go over them.

10 New Gadgets


Season 2: Summer of Monsters starts July 6 and will last 10 weeks. This update isn’t the biggest ever and is mainly focused on new skins and a somewhat new game mode. That being said, there is still a lot to look forward to and the grind is just getting more real. Stay tuned for out patch-notes posts when the update drops next week! For now, you should start the grind!

2 thoughts on “June Brawl Talk: New Brawler Surge, TONS of New Skins, and More”

  1. New update looks impressive, will the gadgets be like star powers and every brawler gets two. Or will they give two to only a few brawlers

    1. Yes, I am assuming that Gadgets will work like Star Powers and every Brawler will eventually get two. For now though, only 10 new Gadgets are getting released.

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