Here are 20 MORE Content Creator Codes you can use to support your favorite creator

A while back in 2019, Supercell introduced the Content Creator Boost (support a creator). Last October, we released a post with 20 creator codes you can use to support your favorite creator with codes from creators like Molt, Coach Cory, Brawl Stars, Cheif Pat, KairosTime, etc.. To view that post, click here. In this post, here are 20 more creator codes that you can use to support Supercell creators.

Creator Code list:

  • Ark – Brawl Stars: Ark
  • Axael TV: Axael
  • B-rad – Clash Royale: BRAD
  • BangSkot: bangskot
  • Brawl Stars MMA: MMA
  • Chiken: Chiken
  • DavidK Brawl Stars: davidk
  • HaVoC Gaming: HAVOC
  • Jo Jonas – Brawl Stars: jojonas
  • Kius – Brawl Stars: Kius
  • Landi – Brawl Stars: landi
  • Lukas – Brawl Stars: Lukas
  • MaR-CeU – Brawl Stars: MaRCeU
  • Patrix Brawl Stars: Patrix
  • puuki – Brawl Stars: Puuki
  • Romain Dot Live: ROMAIN
  • SkY – Brawl Stars: sky
  • SpiuK – Brawl Stars: spiuk
  • Wonderbrad: wonderbrad
  • Yde: Yde

That’s the list for 20 Content Creator codes! Once again, to view 20 more creator codes, check out our older post here. If you aren’t sure how to apply Content Creator codes, you can check out our tutorial post here. You can bookmark this page for reference. I hope this helps!

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    1. Are these creator codes? If so, feel free to comment their codes and I’ll add them in the next creator code post!

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