Featured Bands

Welcome to the Brawl Stars Daily Bands page! Here, we will be featuring bands for you to join!

Since they did increase the band sizes to 100 in the latest Brawl Stars update, it provides bands to grow even further, and this page is dedicated for that purpose.

We will feature new bands each week, but these will come from comments on a first come, first serve basis. If you have a band you would like to be promoted, just comment or send us a message here!

To get your band featured here, you must include:

  • Name- band tag optional (include any family/feeder bands as well)
  • Short description of your band
  • Requirements (trophy count)
  • Band logo or image if applicable


Salty Legends– Join in the Salty family! Competitive and fun Brawl Stars band looking for active players!

Requirements: 400+ due to the increase of band sizes

Feeder/Family Band- Salty Legacy – 0 trophies required!


Your Band…