Quick News

Brief Maintenance

Decreased Rattled Hive’s bee damage from 1000 to 800 Decreased Silver Bullet damage from 6 to 2 bullets worth of damage Let’s fly Super charge speed decreased from 700% to 525%. Charge duration increased from 3 to 4 sec

Byron’s 2nd Star Power is Here

Byron’s 2nd Star Power, Injection, makes Byron’s next main attack pierce all targets, thus allowing the potential to heal (own team) and damage (enemy team) players. You can unlock him in Brawl Boxes once you reach level 9 or buy it from the Shop for 2000 Coins when available.

Cony Max Is Here

Cony Max, a LINE FRIENDS skin, is here! You can purchase him (150 Gems) along with the other LINE skins in the Shop for a limited time.

Colt & 8-Bit’s 2nd Gadgets are here

Colt and 8-Bit’s 2nd Gadgets have arrived. You can find them in boxes or purchase them for 1000 Coins each when they appear in the Shop. Colt: His next basic attack fires a massive big bullet which destroys walls and passes through enemies 8-Bit: His next basic attack shoots a lot more lasers