Brawler Guide: Barley (Part 2)

SIDENOTE: In these series, I am going to create a part 3 on how to use each respective brawlers in the new gamemodes - Boss…

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Over-Powered Brawl Ball Team Comp

Hey guys, its Milestgg here. It's been a while since I've written an article, but I'm back! Today, I will go over a much-needed strategy…

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Piper Discussion – Pros and Cons

Hello dear brawlers! I'm Hido-BS, and here to talk about the brawler: Piper. For those who don't know about Piper, Piper is an epic brawler.…

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Brawlers and Maps: The Unnoticed Link

The secret connection between brawlers and maps and the benefits of using them.


Brawler Guide: Barley (Part 1)

Hi all, Galaxy again! Today I'm here with another brawler guide on Barley, our favorite barkeeper robot! So, let's begin with the classes I gave…

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Brawler Guide: Bo (Part 2)

Hi guys! Galaxy back again with the second part on the Brawler Guide on Bo! So, in Part 2, I will be going through how…

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Brawler Guide: Bo (Part 1)

A guide to help you perfect Bo, a super- rare brawler. Learn about his uses and advantages.