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Brawl Talk Season 5 is Here: New Brawler, Skins, and Gadgets

Brawl Stars’ 2021 updates are in session, kicking off with the new year’s first Brawl Talk. This Brawl Talk, and consequently update, is a small one with the main features being a new Brawler, season, and gadgets. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at what the Brawl Talk: Starr Force (Brawl Talk season 5) update brings us!

If you haven’t already, you can watch the Brawl Talk here:

Brawl Stars Season 5: Starr Force

Season 5 of the battle pass, Starr Force, kicks off 2021 and starts on Feb. 1st. The space-themed season brings a new chromatic Brawler, aptly themed skins, and the usual (Brawl Boxes, Gems, etc.).

New Chromatic Brawler: Colonel Ruffs

Kit…Colonel Ruffs is the new Chromatic Brawler arriving with the new season, obtainable after reaching tier 30 with the Brawl Pass. As always, you can also unlock him from Brawl Boxes after reaching tier 30 of the free pass (Legendary drop rate for current season).

Colonel Ruffs

Colonel Ruffs Attack

Ruff’s (nickname as deemed by yours truly) attack shoots two parallel projectiles that ricochet off obstacles. Each projectile deals 700 damage at lvl 9 for up to 1400 damage per shot. Note that the two attacks are independent of each other. In other words, one projectile could bounce off an object while the other one doesn’t if no obstacle is in the path of that projectile.

Colonel Ruffs attack

Colonel Ruffs Super

Ruff’s Super drops a “supply drop” from space that deals damage upon impact (not shown in Brawl Talk) and leaves behind a power-up orb for anyone on your team to collect.

Colonel Ruff’s Super powerup
Colonel Ruff’s Super

His Star Powers and Gadgets were not revealed in the video.

New Skins

  • D4R-RY1
D4R-RY1 skin
  • Ronin Ruffs
Ronin Ruffs skin
  • Space Ox Bull – Lunar New Year
Space Ox Bull skin
  • Navigator Colette – Lunar New Year
Navigator Colette skin
  • Dark Lord Spike (my favorite of the bunch) – Lunar New Year
Dark Lord Spike skin

Note: 2019’s Lunar New Year skins will be here for the last time – after that, they’ll be gone forever, so make sure to get them while you can!

  • Dark Tide Carl – Star Points
Dark Tide Carl skin
  • Smooth Lou – coming Valentines Day
Smooth Lou skin

2021 Championship Challenge

2021 Brawl Stars Championships

The 2021 Brawl Stars Championships are kicking off with the open qualifiers starting in February. Win the in-game challenge to compete in the online qualifiers are so on!

In addition, there will be a new “Esports” section on the home screen as shown in the image above.

8 New Gadgets

There will be 8 new Gadgets coming in the Starr Force season:

  • Frank
  • Gene
  • Poco
  • Mr. P
  • Nani
  • Rosa
  • Tara
  • Tick

Two new Gadgets will be released every week. You will be able to vote on which Gadget comes first on Brawl Stars’ social media pages.

New Pins

6 new animated pins as well as 6 Lunar New Year skins will be added in the update.

As you can tell, this update is a small one – the Brawl Talk is only 2mins. 46sec. long! – but at least we get a new Brawler and some decent skins coming with season 5. What do you think of the Brawl Talk and the upcoming update? Let us know in the comments below or in our Discord server! Make sure to join our email lists to never miss a post. Until next time!

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  1. So i cant wait for season 5 as soon as it comes out ill ofc get the brawl pass for colonel ruff and darryl i might also get a skin if i have extra i LEGIT CAAAAANTTTT wait 2 more days

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