November 2020 Brawl Talk

Brawl Talk: Holiday Getaway, New Brawler Lou, New Skins, and More

Lo and behold, Season 4 of the Brawl Pass is just around the corner and so is the new Brawl Stars update. The “Holiday Getaway” Brawl Talk was released earlier today and revealed a new season theme, Brawler, Skins, and some other updates coming soon. If you haven’t already, you can watch the Brawl Talk video embedded below or read our summary.

Holiday Getaway Brawl Talk

Brawl Pass Season 4: Holiday Getaway

  • Collect Season 1 rewards before Season 4 starts or they will automatically be collected for you
  • Chromatic Brawlers now can only be found in boxes after reaching tier 30. In addition, it will affect your drop rate chances if you unlock him through boxes.

New Chromatic Brawler: Lou

  • Deals 532 damage per snowcone (3 per shot)
  • Super makes movements more difficult (not as responsive) to enemy Brawlers in its radius
Chromatic Brawler Lou

New Skins

Bellhop Mike (included in Brawl Pass)

Bellhop Mike skin
Bellhop Mike skin

King Lou (included in Brawl Pass)

King Lou skin
King Lou skin

Sally Nani

Sally Nani skin
Sally Nani skin

Choco Piper

Choco Piper skin
Choco Piper skin

Cony Max

Cony Max skin
Cony Max skin

Map Maker Updates

  • You can now submit custom maps that players can “approve” in Friendly games. If it gets enough approvals, you can choose to publish it. The map then goes into a public map pool where more voting occurs. The best map every day will be available for everyone to play for 24 hours (trophies count!).
  • Bounty and Heist added to Map Maker
  • You can now add jump pads and teleporters

5 thoughts on “Brawl Talk: Holiday Getaway, New Brawler Lou, New Skins, and More”

  1. Hello,
    I really like your uptade. Especially this ice uptade! Could you please advise me how it is with the new map maker?

    1. Hi Samuel. We aren’t part of the official Brawl Stars team, but I’m sure your appreciation of the update would make them happy. That being said, I’m not quite sure what you need help with for the map maker. Feel free to respond to this comment, email us at, or shoot us a DM on Discord to elaborate!

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