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Brawl Talk: Brawl Pass, 2 New Brawlers, New Skins, and More!

The Brawl Stars May 2020 Brawl Talk has finally dropped after almost a week of sneak peeks! Some additions and changes announced in this new Brawl Talk episode include the introduction of the Brawl Pass, a new Brawler, a new Brawler rarity, new skins, and more!

If you haven’t taken a look at the Brawl Talk yet, you can watch it below:

Without further ado, let’s discuss what was announced in the Brawl Talk!

Introducing the Brawl Pass

The main focus of the May update is the introduction of the new Brawl Pass. Brawl Pass is Brawl Stars’ twist on the hugely popular concept of the battle pass.

Brawl Pass

The Brawl Pass contains useful reward boosts including Mega Boxes, Power Points, Coins, and others. Unlike the seasonal pass in Clash of Clans however, the Brawl Pass does not contain “boosts” such as Clash of Clan’s building time decrease or 1 gem donations.

Furthermore, as of what was revealed in the Brawl Talk, there is nothing exclusive in the Brawl Pass. This means that there are no skins, Brawlers, pins (more on this later), etc. currently included with the Brawl Pass – it’s sort of a bummer. However, there is a new Brawler that is guaranteed if you purchase the Brawl Pass, but you can get it even without it (more on this later).


How much is the Brawl Pass?

The first Brawl Pass season drops with the update (called Tara’s Bazaar – also a new environment!) and can be purchased for 170 Gems (equivalent to $10). Although this is kinda pricey for the rewards offered, the good news is that you do not have to purchase it with your iTunes/Google Play balance directly (unlike Clash of Clans), so you can use your accumulated Gems instead.

Tara’s Bazaar environment

In addition, there are also new Quests to boost your progress.

Along with the Brawl Pass, quests are also getting released that will reward you Tokens for completing various tasks. Note that some of these quests are exclusive to the Brawl Pass.

Brawl Pass Quests

Now let’s talk about the free pass.

Along with the Brawl Pass, the normal Token reward system is getting revamped as well. Introducing…the free pass. Now, Tokens you get will be added to the bar at the top:

Token bar

The amount of tokens needed to advance to the next tier increases as you progress. For example, it takes 150 Tokens to reach tier 5.

With the revamp, you no longer get a Brawl Box after collecting 100 Tokens and a Big Box after collecting 10 Star Tokens. Instead, the Tokens will be added to the progression bar and the rewards you get for reaching each tier can be clearly seem in the free pass progression road.

Furthermore, Gems are no longer available in Brawl Boxes and will now be a part of the free pass road. According to the Brawl Talk, there are more rewards than before, so…yay?

New Brawler Rarity: Chromatic

A new Chromatic rarity is coming into the game. One Chromatic Brawler is guaranteed if you purchased the Brawl Pass, but you can also get them without purchasing the pass. However, they will have the same drop rate as a Legendary Brawler.

Chromatic rarity

According to speculation, the rarity of un-owned Chromatic Brawlers goes down each season, thus making them easier and easier to get. For example, during the first season, they will have the same drop rate as a Legendary; the next season, they will have the same drop rate as a Mythic and so on and so forth.

2 New Brawlers

Two new Brawlers will be released before the July update, but it is unknown when the Brawler teased at the end of the Brawl Talk would be released.

New Chromatic Brawler: Gale

Gale will be the first Chromatic-rarity Brawler that will come with this update. According to Frank, he is a “cranky old guy” and a “janitor in Mr.P’s hotel.”


From the Brawl Talk, Gale’s primary attack shoots out 4 snowballs that deal 420 damage each (lvl 10). In addition, he has 4760 health and has a range comparable to that of Tara’s.

Gale’s attack

Gale’s Super fires out a huge “gale” of wind that pushes back enemies and deals 125 damage. The Super attack passes through enemies, but it is unclear from the Brawl Talk whether or not it can pass through barriers or not.

Gale’s Super

It is unclear what Gale’s Star Powers and Gadgets are from the Brawl Talk.

The other new Brawler

The unnamed Brawler teased at the end of the video will also be coming sometime before the next (July) update, we just don’t know when.

Unnamed Brawler

This unnamed Brawler has a unique, diamond-shaped projectile pattern that shoots out 3 orbs that deal 980 damage each. At max level, the Brawler also has 3360 health (on the low end).

Unnamed Brawler attack

Unfortunately, the Brawl Talk does not reveal neither the Super nor Star Powers and Gadgets of the new Brawler.

7 New Skins

There are 7 new skins coming with this update, but not all of them are coming at once. The following skins are released on or near the update:

Rogue Mortis

Rogue Mortis skin

Guard Rico

Guard Rico skin

Tropical Sprout

Tropical Sprout skin

In addition, to celebrate Supercell’s 10 year anniversary, every player will also receive the Barbarian King Bull skin for free.

Barbarian King Bull

The following skins were teased at the end of the Brawl Talk but where not given a date of when they would be released:

Summer Pam

Summer Pam skin

Evil Gene

Evil Gene skin

Constructor Jacky

Constructor Jacky skin

Introducing Pins

Along with the update, Pins are also coming.

Pins are emojis that can be used in the chat and in battle (it may take some time before you can use them in battle). Ryan doesn’t clarify how you can collect these pins, but I’m assuming you can get them from either the Shop and/or Brawl Boxes.

What’s happening to the Ticketed events?

The 3 Ticketed events, Robo Rumble, Boss Fight, and Big Game have been condensed into shorter, 2 minute long matches with a maximum 100 Token reward. So no, they have not been removed despite the team’s decision to remove Tickets. If you want to learn more about this and are wondering if you should spend or save your Tickets, you can check out our article on that here.

Ticketed events are not being removed

The Brawl Talk never mentions how these game modes will be cycled into rotation, how much it costs to enter, or how many times you can play them. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Hot Zone is back

The team is bringing back Hot Zone (for a limited time, of course) with some slight modifications.

Hot Zone is back for a limited time

The Brawl Talk never specified what changes were made, but we’ll find out soon enough.

Phew, that was a lot! This May update is a total game-changer for Brawl Stars with the introduction of the Brawl Pass, Quests, Pins, and much more. How do you feel about this update? Personally, I’m a bit disappointed at the Brawl Pass, but this is their first season after all. Feel free to less us know all your thoughts in the comments below or in our Discord server! Thanks for reading.

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