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Brawl Stars Game Crash Update

Hey brawlers! Lately, a lot of players have reported frequent game crashes, particularly on Android. Don’t fret though, for the Brawl Stars dev. team recently had a maintenance break that should have fixed this issue.

According to this tweet on the Brawl Stars Twitter account, the dev. team released an optional update for Android devices to address the crashes.

Furthermore, the later tweeted the following tweet, claiming that they scaled up the servers to prevent server issues as well as a reminder for Android users.

Hopefully, if you’re an Android user and experiences higher-than-usual crash rates, you have updated your game and stop the crashing. If not, you can try messaging Supercell support or Tweet them on Twitter to let them know that the issue has not been fixed. Thanks for reading, Brawl On!

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2 thoughts on “Brawl Stars Game Crash Update”

  1. Hi, ihaven’t a twitter account but i’ve i very big problem. After an upgrade browl star not start. I’ve just uninstall and reinstall several time… but not work…
    Plzzz help me!!!

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