Brawl Stars February 2020 Balance Changes

A HUGE set of Brawl Stars balance changes was released earlier today, and boy are some players upset. The list includes well-deserved (or not) nerfs, surprising buffs, and questionable choices. What do you think of the February balance changes? Check out the patch notes below and decide for yourself.


  • Increased Main Attack damage from 300 to 320 per bullet
  • Increased Super damage from 300 to 320 per bullet


  • Increased Main Attack damage from 760 to 800 per dynamite

El Primo

  • Increased Health from 5800 to 6000


  • Increased Health from 3600 to 3800
  • Hype healing per enemy hit increased from 300 to 400


  • Increased Health from 6100 to 6400


  • Increased Main Attack damage from 103 to 178 at maximum range


  • Increased Health from 4500 to 4800


  • Increased Health from 3800 to 4000


  • Increased Main Attack damage from 480 to 520 per spike


  • Increased Main Attack damage from 640 to 680 per mine


  • 8-BIT no longer has invulnerability bubble after respawning with Extra Life


  • Honey Coat now triggers only once per match
  • Invulnerability shield duration after Honey Coat triggers has been increased from 0.6 to 1.0 seconds


  • Protective Pirouette damage reduction decreased from 40% to 30%


  • Steel Hoops shield duration decreased from 2.5 to 0.9 seconds

Mr. P

  • Main Attack range decreased by 12.5%

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