New Brawler Rosa, Bo Remodel, 2 New Skins and More – Brawl Talk

Hey Brawlers! Another update is on the horizon! Earlier today, a new Brawl Talk video was released introducing some new features coming into the game. Continue reading to find out what’s coming!

New Brawler Rosa

Rosa is a boxing botanist who has survived in the jungle by punching plants in the face.

Main Attack – Hands of Stone

Rosa’s main attack is similar to El Primo’s, except with a slightly larger spread.

Super – Tight Vines

Rosa will create a shield that will decrease her damage intake.

Star Power – Plant Life

Rosa will regain health (300) when she is inside a bush.

New Skins

Easter Skin – Bunny Penny

Golden Week (Japanese holiday) Skin – Shiba Nita



  • Meteors will now target groups of players who are close together
  • Healing Mushrooms and Energy Drinks will not spawn near teamers

Bo Remodel (finally)

Brawl TV – does not work the same as TV Royale in Clash Royale

Purchasable Name Changes (50 gems)

Training Cave – basically practice mode

It seems that the main-screen UI is getting a bit of a change as well. Anyways, that’s it for the Brawl Talk, stay tuned for more update news in the coming days! Brawl On!

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    1. Yes, he did. This post was made prior to the update when the Brawl Talk was released, in which they didn’t confirm Crow getting a buff.

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