Welcome to another Brawler Basics post! Brawler Basics is our beginner’s series where we inform you about the basics of whichever brawler you need help with. This guide will cover the basics of Bibi and her unique ability. Let’s begin!

Stats: Bibi


– Rarity – Epic

-Movement Speed – 770

-Movement Speed with Star Power and extra bar charged – 820


-Range – 3.3 Tiles

-Reload – 0.8 seconds

-Knock-back – around 4 Tiles

-At Level 1:

-Hitpoints – 4200

-Damage – 1300

-At Level 10:

-Hitpoints – 5880

-Damage – 1820


-Range – 40

-At Level 1:

-Damage – 1000

-At Level 10:

-Damage – 1400

BiBi has a knock-back feature when her yellow bar is full.

Attack: Three Strikes

Bibi's Main Attack

Bibi attacks by swing a bat almost 180 degress in front of her. Her attack is similar to Frank’s in that it also requires a bit of a charge up. A separate Home Run bar gradually charges (takes around 3 seconds to fill) while the 3 swings (all 3 ammo slots) are ready. Attacking with a full Home Run bar will not only damage enemies but also knock them 3-4 tiles backwards, briefly stunning them and canceling their Supers!

Super: Spitball


Bibi’s Super has the longest range in the game. The wide bubble she shoots out can bounce several times and travel extremely long distances (around 5 seconds travel time) before popping. The damage is mediocre, but it can hit the enemies multiple times and bounce of walls.

Star Power: Home Run

While Bibi’s Home Run bar is fully charged, her movement speed will increase slightly. This can be useful when escaping enemies or for pushing. Don’t expect too much though, since the speed boost is subtle and the opportunities to use this Star Power are not as many as you would think.

How to use Bibi

Bibi is a somewhat tanky melee Brawler that should be played cautiously. She needs to be really close to attack and her Home Run knock-back might actually be harmful to your team, so you should be careful about playing her aggressively.

In Gem Grab, Bibi performs well on maps with more walls and less open space. She should be played somewhat aggressively, constantly applying pressure to the enemy team in the front line. Due to her limited range, stay out of the middle where the collectors and ranged brawlers usually dominate.

In Showdown, Bibi should be played passively on maps without a lot of grass. Since she can’t check bushes, avoid wandering around too much – beware of Bulls and Shellys that can pop out of nowhere!

In Heist, Bibi should not be played at all due to her short range and low DPS. She does not match well against any Brawlers popular in Heist such as Colt, Brock, or Piper. If you do use Bibi, play to control the center and keep enemies back while your teammates damage the safe.

In Bounty, only play Bibi on maps with lots of walls and a good amount of grass. However, since Bibi can’t check the grass for enemies, stay away from maps with long grass lanes or maps like Snake Prairie. Bibi’s Super can be used to shoot down lanes and damage/kill Brawlers from far back. Since most Bounty maps are made for long ranged Brawlers or throwers, Bibi will most likely get out classed in most maps.

In Brawl Ball, Bibi performs decently well especially because of her Home Run ability. The push-back allows her to cancel Supers and get the ball away from an opponent. The knock-back can also be extremely useful for pushing enemies away so that your teammates have a clear shot to the goal.

Bibi Tips

Here are some important information you always need to keep in mind:

  1. Do not get right on top of brawlers!

Even though BiBi doesn’t have much range, getting on top of enemies is exactly what you should not do – BiBi does not have the DPS and she has an attack delay. In many cases the animation may show that you hit the enemy but in reality, it didn’t.

2. Use your knock-back wisely.

Sometimes, using BiBi’s knock-back is to disadvantageous! For example, knocking away a Piper, Crow, Colt, etc, is not gonna help you. In fact, it’s probably gonna make you lose. Furthermore, the knock-back can help the opponent get away, so use the ability only when necessary.

3. Do not go against brawlers with high health, damage, or DPS.

Do not go against brawlers like a Frank, Leon, or any brawler that you can kill Bibi easily in a 1v1.


Bibi is a relatively underpowered Brawler that has a high skill gap (like Mortis). If you play her well and use the knock-back wisely, she can dominate the playing field. Just be careful to not be super aggressive and die over and over again.

That’s all for this Brawler Basics guide! I hope you found this useful to you in some way. See more guides on our website by searching for them under the “Guides” category. Check out other guides in the Brawler Basics series by going to the Categories dropdown in the sidebar. Thanks for reading, and as always, Brawl on!



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