Another optional update will be available in the coming days across all platforms to fix some other bugs that cane with the update. Below is what’s changing.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug that caused “overtime!” text to sometimes appear incorrectly
  • Allow color codes in text “XX Accepted YY into club” to properly show the player name color
  • Blinking box buttons when opening a Club join link
  • Sound setting not saved as OFF when listening to music


  • Decreased the skill queue time from 1s to 0.3s (how long the skill is queued for casting when casting before the previous skill has ended)
    • During pushback and stun skills are no longer queued at all
  • Showdown: Follow the spectated player by default
  • Add outline to countdown, match over, showdown! and overtime! texts to make them easier to read
  • Use LNY theme in Play Again matchmaking screen
  • Poor network indicator removed from menu screens
  • Crash Fixes, and optimized memory

What is Skill Queue?

Skill queue is a system in games that determines how quickly abilities can be chained.  In other words, it is the ability to “queue” up a skill after the one you are performing completes. Once the skill is completed, the system will automatically fire the next skill you pushed.


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