A new maintenance is inbound, and here is what is being changed:

Gameplay Changes

  • Hide Nita, Frank and Mortis star power projectiles from the enemy team (to not reveal where the brawler is)

  • Fixed a bug that caused destroying of bone piles to sometimes destroy walls close to them

  • Increased Respawn time in Brawl Ball from 5 to 7 seconds

  • Tweaks to “Pool Party” Brawl Ball map

Matchmaking Improvements

  • “Pooled” Matchmaking added

    • Different matchmaking pools based on players’ Total Trophies

    • Playing in a game room uses the highest pool that a player has in the room (for example if a 450 Total Trophy player plays with a 2500 Total Trophy player they will play in the higher 2500 Total Trophy pool)

  • Play Again is now enabled at over 150 Trophies

  • Prevention mechanism for trophy push exploit



  1. Yep. Matchmaking is garbage.
    Hows a mobile game rich enough to put adds ahead of End Game in theatres so terrible at everything?

    If your friend is lower level than you, you’ll find it hard not to get frustrated with them because you’re only playing against high trophy people… And they’ll find it frustrating to die over and over and not feel helpful. Literally trash. Don’t spend money on this games dark-path ptw bullcrap.


  2. Machmaking system become awful
    I & my freind cant keep our cup and we dont enjoy game any more
    We never play this game again and never pay for purchases because of this new machmaking system

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