The first post-global Brawl Stars update is live! Update your game for all the new content rolling out in the next couple of weeks. Don’t know what’s coming? Click here to read the new features arriving soon.

Besides removing the Winter-themed background, Brawl Stars also announced on their Twitter that Replays are now in testing and available to brawlers above 400 (not total trophies).

In addition, Rico’s golden skin has changed from 30 gems to a whopping 150 gems. New limited time Lunar New Year skins as well as the new maps will come out starting January 31. Gene will be released mid-February along with the three other skins.

What do you guys think about this update? Is Brawl Ball better or worse than before! Let us know your thoughts, and keep brawlin’!



  1. Please add replays for brawlers under 400! People sometimes have really cool moments but don’t have screen recording on! For example, I got this really cool brawl stars kill with gene but he’s only rank 9. Please add so we can enjoy our own moments!

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