Hey brawlers, in this guide I will be covering the basics of Colt. Colt is a League Reward brawler, meaning he can be unlocked by reaching a certain amount of trophies (60 to be exact). Since he is easily unlockable and (probably) the second brawler you get, Colt is commonly used. His dual pistols are viable in practically every mode (with good aim, of course).

Stats: Colt


  • Rarity: League Reward
  • Movement Speed: 720

Attackcolt attack

  • Range: 8.67
  • Reload: 1.6 seconds
  • Bullets per attack: 6

At Level 1:

  • Hitpoints: 2800
  • Damage per bullet: 300

At Level 10:

  • Hitpoints: 3920
  • Damage per bullet: 420
  • Star Power: Slick Boots

Super:colt super

  • Range: 11

At Level 1:

  • Damage per bullet: 300

At Level 10:

  • Damage per bullet: 420


Attack: Six-Shooters

“Town Sheriff and resident hair model, Colt enforces the law with long range accuracy and a mighty fine smile.”

Colt’s primary attack shoots out 6 bullets in one line. Moving left or right during the attack allows for the bullet path to sway side-by-side as well. These bullets do not penetrate through brawlers, cacti, or walls, but they are still incredibly powerful. A few full hits are enough to charge up Colt’s super.


Super: Bullet Storm

“Colt spins his chambers, rattling off a massive burst of bullets that will shred through almost anything.”

Bullet Storm is one of the most powerful and most rewarding supers in the game. Countless bullets shoot at an incredible range (around piper’s attack), destroying walls, cacti, and bushes in the way as well as going through opponents. This means that one super can finish off an entire team if they are all clumped together! The ability to destroy walls makes Colt’s super especially powerful in Heist and Brawl Ball.


Star Power: Slick Boots

“Colt gets slick new boots that put a spring in his step, increasing his movement speed!”

Colt’s Star Power gives him a slight speed boost, allowing him to outrun opponents or rush to the safe quicker. His increased speed also makes him a harder target to hit, especially for brawlers like Dynamike or Piper. Don’t get too excited though, the speed boost is hardly noticeable, and can be argued to be one of the worst in the game.


How to use Colt

Colt is a very rewarding brawler to play. He is strong in practically every mode and most maps, with range, damage, and decent health. However, he should not be played super aggressively like Shelly or Nita, but he should not be played very passively like Poco either.

In Gem Grab, Colt is usually played semi-aggressively to keep the pressure on the opponent. Gem Grab has a mid and two sides; Colt should be played on the sides unless your team does not have a gem carrier. Watch out for Leon, Tara, Shelly, and Bull hiding in bushes: they have more health and can all two or three shot Colt!

In Showdown and Duo Showdown, Colt performs well on more open maps such as Thousand Lakes. Maps where walls are abundant pose a disadvantage to Colt. Not only do throwers dominate in maps such as Hot Maze, but walls also prevent Colt from hitting many targets. Maps like Island Invasion and Feast or Famine where Bo thrives are not the best maps for Colt either. If these are the only Showdown maps in rotation, be sure to check all bushes and be very careful!

In Heist, Colt thrives with his long range and his ability to destroy walls. Played with tanks and throwers, Colt is often a key player for winning. The first thing you should do as Colt is to gain your super and destroy any walls preventing tanks or other brawlers from reaching the enemy’s safe. However, unlike tanks, Colt should not be in the front lines trying to kill enemies, instead, he should be towards the back, pressuring opponents and pushing them backward.

In Bounty, Colt is good in maps with reasonable cover. Bounty is one of the most skilled modes; Colt can be tricky to play here. If you play Colt in Bounty, be sure to keep an eye on your health! Two shots from a piper or a piper-brock combo will kill you, so be good at dodging bullets. Colt’s super can be especially useful for destroying cover, allowing friendly snipers to pick off opponents. Nevertheless, play Colt very strategically in Bounty and don’t be over-confident.

In Brawl Ball, Colt can be very annoying for your opponent. Colt’s super can easily destroy the walls in front of the goal, opening a direct path to score. With good aim, he can deal massage amounts of damage to opponents and destroy pesky turrets. However, Colt is no match against Primo, Bull, Shelly, Tara, or even Mortis at close range, so be sure to check the bushes! Focus on controlling your territory more than being aggressive; leave that to your teammates.


Tracking your shots

Tracking your shots is very important to playing Colt well. If you use auto-aim all the time, chances are you will miss most of your bullets. Quicking move left and right (this is known as ‘strafing’), aiming and moving towards where you predict the opponent will go to. Manually aim when opponents are further away; use auto aim when they are close to you (ex. when they are chasing after you). If you master strafing, you will be able to get multiple shots of your opponent even if they try to dodge your attack!

Colt strafe.gif


Colt is a very well-rounded brawler that can be played in all game modes (including Big Brawler and Robo Rumble!) and on most maps. He’s a mid-range sharpshooter with a decent reload speed and health. If you hit your shots, his damage output is high, and his super can be used to damage many brawlers at once or destroy obstacles. If you play Colt, make sure you know how to strafe; carry your team to victory!

See more guides on our website by searching for them under the “Guides” category. Check out other guides in the Brawler Basics series by going to the Categories dropdown in the sidebar. Thanks for reading, and as always, brawl on!




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