Ah Mortis, hands down the hardest brawler to play in Brawl Stars. Today we will be covering the basics of this assassin. His attack is a short dash that deals mediocre damage. Mortis is very mode and team dependent and should not be played with randoms. New players that just unlocked Mortis may find him very hard to play and underpowered, but in the right hands, he can be devastating and can carry games.

Overview: Mortis

Rarity: Mythic

Movement Speed: 820


Range: 2.67

Reload: 2.5 seconds

Hit points (level 1): 3800

Damage: 900 damage per swing

Hit points (level 10): 5320

Damage: 1260 damage per swing

Star Power: Creepy Harvest


Range: 11

Damage (level 1): 900

Damage (level 10): 1260


Main Attack: Shovel Swing

“Mortis creates business opportunities for himself by dashing forward with a sharp swing of his shovel.”

Mortis’ main attack is a short swing that does medium damage. It can hit multiple enemies at once and charges up his super in 5 hits. His attack is good for quick bursts of damage. Be careful though, he has a slow reload speed!

Super: Life Blood

“Mortis calls forth a swarm of vampire bats that drain the health of his enemies while restoring his. Creepy!”

Mortis summons a horde of bats that can deal damage and heal himself for the total damage he deals out to enemies. The super can hit unlimited enemies and has the ability to travel through walls and above water.

Pro tip: The super also damages Nita’s bear, Pam’s healing station, Penny’s mortar, Tara’s Shadow, as well as Jessie’s turret. Mortis will also gain healing from the damage, but it will not charge up his super.

Star Power: Creepy Harvest

“Mortis instantly reaps the soul of a Brawler if he kills them, restoring 1800 health.”

Mortis’ Star Power is arguably one of the most useful abilities in the game. Killing any brawler will instantly gain Mortis 1800 health, allowing him to survive much longer and get a few more attack swings in.

How to Use Mortis

Contrary to popular belief, Mortis is actually fairly viable. He can be used in all the game modes except Heist. You can use his dash as mobility to escape from enemies.

Gem Grab: A common mistake people make while playing Mortis in Gem Grab is to use him as a gem carrier. Picking up gems will make him a very vulnerable target to the enemy team. He can’t really do much to contribute to the team in the game. Your team has to then 2v3 the enemy team. A better way to play Mortis in Gem Grab is to use him as an agro brawler. Target squishy brawlers that you can finish off in 3 hits, or brawlers with low damage output (like Poco or Jessie). Always pay attention to the enemy brawler’s health (finish them off if you can) and disrupt the back lines.

Brawl Ball: Mortis is not viable in Brawl Ball. Because kicking the ball consumes ammo, Mortis loses the ability to move extremely fast with the ball. In addition, Mortis is weak against opponents in Brawl Ball because control is not as important as it is in Gem Grab. Overall, Mortis should not be used in Brawl Ball.

Bounty: It’s very uncommon to see people playing Mortis in bounty, but he is a decent choice. You often see people play Piper, Brock, and Penny in this game mode; Mortis counters them all pretty well. To do this, you have to slowly move up the maps using walls and bushes as cover in order to get closer to enemies. Make sure to abuse the Pipers 🙂

Showdown: Mortis is not a reliable choice in most showdown maps above 350 trophies because of teaming. He can still be played on maps where throwers are common since he’s such a great counter to them (  Ex. on Skull Creek, Rockwall Brawl and Hot Maze). If you decide to play him on other maps, the best option will be to play very passively and only third-party fights or attack brawlers that are present on his strong list (below).

Duo Showdown: As mentioned previously, Mortis is a decent choice on maps where low-health brawlers are common. His role in duo showdown will be an assassin and sneak around the map in the search of easy kills. Don’t forget that your reload is slow but your attack ammo is also your way to escape, so make sure you won’t be third-partied before attacking. The second brawler should be able to cover up Mortis’ weaknesses, so use either a thrower or ranged brawler.

Pro tip: If you find yourself auto aiming by accident, exaggerate the swipes. Also, keep your hands dry.


To successfully play Mortis, you have to be able to recognize which brawler you can fight and which ones you can’t win against. It is suggested to only go for brawlers that he is strong against.

Strong against:

  • Dynamike
  • Barley
  • Piper
  • Crow (Careful when he has his star power: you can’t finish him off in 3 hits)
  • Rico
  • Brock

Some brawlers that Mortis struggle a little more against are the listed below. Always make sure that the opponent is in range before going after them!

Depending on the situation:

  • Colt
  • Spike (Surprise attack him to finish him off quickly)
  • Penny 
  • Jessie
  • Nita
  • Pam (The enemy team is generally clamped near her healing turret, making them good targets to go for and good supers)
  • Poco
  • Bo
  • Frank (Bait his super and juke his attacks)
  • Tara

Unless the Brawler is really low health, it is better to avoid the following brawlers:

  • El Primo (You can survive longer while in a 1v1 by dashing into his face and then, spin around him while he is attacking, reducing his damage output by 50%)
  • Bull
  • Darryl
  • Shelly (Do not attempt if she has her super; you CAN try to bait out her super by dashing into her and dashing back quickly, though)
  • Leon


Mortis has a very big skill gap, but, when mastered can be a very deadly opponent. Hopefully, this guide will help you improve your Mortis gameplay a bit more. See more guides on our website by searching for them under the “Guides” category. Check out other guides in the Brawler Basics series by going to the Categories dropdown in the sidebar. Thanks for reading, and as always, brawl on!



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