Hi everyone, I’m Milestgg and today we will be covering the basics of Jessie. Jessie is first unlocked through league rewards, thus making her pretty easy to acquire. Jessie is a strong brawler in most game modes, shooting an electric bolt that bounces towards enemy targets, making a skilled Jessie player extremely annoying to face.

Stats: Jessie


Rarity: League Reward

Movement Speed: 720


Range: 9

Reload: 2 seconds

Bounces per attack: up to 3

Level 1:

Hitpoints: 3200

Damage per bolt: 820

Level 10:

Hitpoints: 4480

Damage per bolt: 1120

Star Power: Energize


Range: 4.76

At Level 1:

Turret Damage: 240

Turret Health: 2800

At Level 10:

Turret Damage: 336

Turret Health: 3920

Main Attack: Shock Rifle

“Jessie’s own invention, the Shock Rifle fires an energy orb that seeks out up to 3 targets before fizzling out.”

Jessie’s main attack is a shock rifle. img_6665.pngIt shoots a big bolt that bounces to up to 3 other nearby enemies. This attack is very strong in modes like Brawl Ball where the opponents often group up. Be careful though, her shot moves slowly and skilled players can easily dodge them.

Jessie’s super is her bread and butter; this is where she is feared and annoys most players. Jessie creates a turret which has an extremely high rate of fire and medium damage. The turret has the around the same amount of damage as a Pam shot. And best of all, the turret has an extremely long range.


Super: Scrappy!


“Jessie cobbles together a gun turret out of random scrap. She’s a genius!”

Jessie’s super is very effective in taking control. The fast rate-of-fire of her turret applies constant pressure to enemies within its range, keeping them back. This makes turret placement crucial to be effective. Place the turret where enemies cannot shoot at from far back, but be careful not to limit the turret’s line of sight (ex. not directly behind a row of walls)!

Star Power: Energize

“Jessie modifies her Shock Rifle to recharge her turrets! Hitting a turret restores 800 of its missing health.”

Jessie’s Star Power comes with its pros and cons. By allowing Jessie to heal her turret, a damaged turret can quickly regenerate to full health – placing the turret directly on top of an enemy and shooting the turret can be devastating to your opponent. Another way to use Jessie’s Star Power is to shoot at it to locate where the closest enemy is. This is especially useful in maps with more hiding spots. On the other hand, one downside of Energize is that if the turret is in the way of the enemy, the orb will bounce off the turret, thus resulting in slower travel speed and smaller travel distance.


How to use Jessie

Jessie’s main role in a match is to support her teammates. She does very well in modes like Gem Grab and Brawl Ball due to her pressure.

In Gem Grab, Jessie is able to control the center similar to Poco. Her long range and medium damage allow her to keep enemies pushed back. She works well as the gem carrier, but be careful not to be too aggressive, since she does not have many hit points. Overall, Jessie is very effective in Gem Grab and can be very deadly.

In both Showdown and Duo Showdown, Jessie performs well in more open maps such as Double Trouble. She is effective in locating enemies hiding in the grass, and can hit multiple targets in one shot. Be careful with tanks though, she is squishy compared to the tanky El Primo and Bull!

In Heist, Jessie does not do so well due to her low damage output. However, if you do use Jessie in Heist, try to place your turret on the opponent’s safe – this can deal quite some damage. Be aware of your enemies composition: most brawlers used in Heist deal far more damage!

In Bounty, Jessie does well in area control once again. Jessie can finish off enemies or weakened multiple at a time, and her turret can put a lot of pressure onto the opponent. However, you should not use Jessie in big, open maps, where Piper, Brock, and Penny dominate.

In Brawl Ball, Jessie is deadly. Your opponents are often close together, making her “splash” attack very effective in weakening multiple enemies at once. Her turret can get off many shots and whittle down tanks. Jessie provides constant pressure and is very annoying to deal with. Don’t get too aggressive, though, she is still weak against popular Brawl Ball brawlers such as Shelly and Tara!


Turret Placing

Turret placing is a crucial part of playing Jessie. Choosing where to place the turret mainly depends on the opponent’s team composition. If the opponent has lots of ranged brawlers like Ricochet, Piper, Brock, and Colt, place the turret behind a wall close to the enemy. If the enemy has tanks and throwers, place the turret in the open, somewhat in the back, safe from the range of throwers. If you have Jessie’s star power, you can keep healing the turret and the shot will bounce to opponent brawlers.



Jessie is a brawler who is not seen as a big threat but can be very annoying to deal with. She can be a game changer if played well, and her turret can keep enemies pushed back. Her Star Power is amongst the most useful, so don’t hesitate in upgrading her! Don’t play overly aggressive, but don’t be afraid to pressure the enemy. Be sure to take advantage of her splash!


That’s it for this Brawler Basics guide! I hope you enjoyed this Jessie guide. See more guides on our website by searching for them under the “Guides” category. Check out other guides in the Brawler Basics series by going to the Categories dropdown in the sidebar. Thanks for reading, and as always, brawl on!






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