Welcome back to another Brawler Basics Guide! This guide will be on the League Reward brawler: Brock. Unlocked at 1000 trophies from the Trophy Road, this versatile brawler is the first guaranteed long ranged brawler you will unlock.

Stats: Brock


  • Rarity – League Reward
  • Movement Speed – 720

Attack:brock attack aim

  • Range – 10
  • Reload – 2.1 seconds

At level 1:

  • Hitpoints – 2800
  • Damage per rocket – 1100

At level 10:

  • Hitpoints – 3920
  • Damage per rocket – 1540

Super:brock super aim

  • Range – 8

At level 1:

  • Damage per rocket – 1040

At level 10:

  • Damage per rocket – 1456

Attack: Rockin’ Rocketbrock attack

“Brock lets fly with a single Rockin’ Rocket that really goes the distance.”

Brock’s main attack shoots out one rocket that deals area damage. With the ability to shoot three rapid shots in quick succession of each other, Brock can deal a total of over 3300 damage at level one before needing to reload. However, the slow reload speed allows other brawlers to deal some damage on Brock before he can shoot back should he be out of rockets. Due to the rather slow travel time of the rockets, it is always best to track your shots (aiming ahead).

Super: Rocket Rainbrock super

“Brock only wants to see you bathing in Rocket Rain: an explosive deluge that takes out enemies and obstacles.”

Shooting out a volley of 9 rockets within a large area, Brock’s super can deal useful chip damage or be extremely deadly. Each rocket does approximately 5.4545% less damage than its equal-level main attack rocket, with the extra ability to destroy walls. With almost nine times the power of a regular attack and the ability to destroy walls, Brock’s super, if aimed right, can devastate the opponent team.


Star Power: Incendiary

With Brock’s star power unlocked, all of his normal attack rockets (excluding his super) produce a small area of flames upon detonation or impact. Lasting for 2 ticks, with each tick dealing 300 damage, Incendiary can deal an additional 600 damage on the opponent. This can be extremely useful when trying to control an area of the map.brock star power

How to Use Brock

Brock is especially powerful in long-distance fights. The long ranged rockets give Brock a considerable advantage over melee brawlers like El Primo and Bull. However, a surprise attack by a melee brawler can be fatal to Brock due to his low health. Generally, Brock performs best in more open maps where there are not as many walls and bushes.

In Gem Grab, Brock is best used for control, using his threatening rockets to prevent the enemy from taking over the center (the gem spawn location). He is also excellent at controlling a certain area of the map where there are only a couple of entrances/exits.

In Showdown, Brock is great at farming power cubes due to the minimal delay between shots – at max level, he can three shot each crate. Because Brock is extremely vulnerable to melee brawlers at close range, it is wise to check all bushes before going into them.

In Heist, Brock’s main objective is to clear enemy walls and weaken the enemies. His slow reload speed doesn’t allow him to deal that much damage to the safe, but a full super can deal considerable damage. With his super having a large impact radius, critical walls can be destroyed with a single super, leaving the opponent safe vulnerable to your entire team.

In Bounty, Brock excels in most maps. His rockets can easily weaken multiple enemies at once and are great at picking opponents off. His long range allows him to hit brawlers from afar and kill enemies that may be running back to gain health. Bounty is probably Brock’s strongest game-mode.

In Brawl Ball, Brock is once again great at destroying walls with his super, especially those that are near the opponent’s goal. However, due to Brock’s low hitpoints, it is best to not charge up with the ball and attempt to score unless there is a perfect opportunity to. Dying with the ball in the opponent’s hands can be detrimental to your team.

General Tipsportraits_BIG_masked

  • Use Brock’s long range to your advantage! Don’t go super aggressive unless necessary
  • Check bushes before going into them; an unwelcoming brawler may be waiting
  • Use Brock’s super to destroy walls that are aiding the opponent team
  • In close ranged fights, Quick-fire is almost always the better option. 99% of the time, Brock’s rockets will hit the opponent at close range due to the small splash area
  • Aim where you think the opponent will go, not where they currently are due to the rocket’s slow travel time
  • Make every shot count. Brock’s painfully slow reload time makes taking time to aim your shot extremely crucial
  • Never Quick-fire enemies that are far away. The rocket will most likely miss if the brawler is moving
  • Always aim Brock’s super. Quick-fire often does not fire where you intend it to, oftentimes making the super go to waste


Brock is generally best at controlling parts of the map and picking off weak brawlers. His slow reload speed is compensated by his extra-long range, and his super can crush the enemy team if used well. The most important thing to keep in mind with Brock is to not play overly aggressive due to his low hitpoints. The only way to get better with Brock is practice, and once mastered, he will conquer the maps he excels in.

That is all for Brock’s Brawler Basics guide! For more guides, check them out under our “Guides” category or search it up in the search bar! To see more guides in the Brawler Basics series, go to the drop-down menu titled “Categories” in the sidebar and click on “Brawler Basics.” Thanks for reading, and as always, brawl on!






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