Hey guys, welcome to Brawler Basics! It’s Galaxy here, one of the beta writers back from the dead! In this post, I will be presenting a brawler guide on the one and only Shelly – the first brawler you get!

Stats: Shelly


– Rarity – League Reward

– Movement Speed – 720

Regular Attack


– Range – 7 Tiles

– Reload – 1.5 Seconds

– Shells per Attack – 5

At Level 1:

– Hitpoints – 3600

– Damage per Shell – 300

At Level 10:

– Hitpoints – 5040

– Damage per Shell – 420



– Range – 7.33 Tiles

– Shells per Super – 9

At Level 1:

– Damage per Shell – 320

At Level 10:

– Damage per Shell: 448

Attack: Buckshot

“Shelly’s boomstick is always locked and loaded. You don’t want to be anywhere in front of this baby.”

Shelly’s standard attack releases 5 small group of shells, each dealing 300 damage at level 1 and 420 at level 10. Because of the high damage output, she can easily decimate an enemy in a matter of seconds. However, the shells travel shorter and do not break walls or other obstacles unlike her super. Despite this, Shelly can still destroy enemy units that creep too close to that bush…

The attack animation displays 20 pellets, grouped in clusters of 4. Each cluster represents one shell, and no less than 300 damage can be dealt.

Super Overview

Super: Super Shell

“Shelly’s Super Shell obliterates both cover and enemies. Any survivors get knocked out of the way.”

Shelly’s super enables her to unleash a huge shot with her boomstick, dealing about 3000 damage at level 1 and 4000 at level 10. It can break walls, and hence can be used to easily plow through obstacles in Brawl Ball or Heist. Since Shelly’s super does a lot of damage, it can also be used to easily deal with “tankier” brawlers, provided you can get close enough to the target. Super Shell also has a slight pushback stun, making it very strong in Brawl Ball.

Star Power: Shell Shock

“Shelly’s Super shells slow down enemies for 2.5 seconds!”

Shelly’s star power gives her super another use since it greatly reduces the speed of enemies hit by it. The slow reduces the enemy’s movement speed by about 1/2 and lasts for around 2.5 seconds. This allows her to slow targets or fleeing enemies and swiftly finish them off with a couple shots of her regular attack.

How to Use Shelly

Shelly excels at mid-range combat and is deadly at close quarters. Since she is a heavy hitter and deals truckloads of damage, she can easily deal with almost any brawler in a couple of shots.

In Gem Grab, Shelly is best used as a sneaky assassin, moving around in the bushes to flank enemy brawlers with most of the gems, or as the gem carrier. This is because she does not do much damage at far range, thus making her very useful in close-ranged, flank attacks.

In Showdown, Shelly does well when farming power cubes, and should be used as either a camper or a scouter, checking every bush in sight and eliminating enemies swiftly. Shelly is one of the brawlers who does well in showdown due to the popularity of tanks and short ranged brawlers in maps with lots of bushes.

In Heist, Shelly does not do so well due to her lack of range, forcing her to be somewhat close to the safe to do much damage. However, her super does do well when destroying walls around the safe, due to its large spread. If you want to push Shelly in Heist, defending the safe is her main job.

In Bounty, a skilled Shelly can be very threatening and get many eliminations. This is best done by being – this may seem repetitive, but it’s true – an assassin, moving around the bushes surrounding the map and sneaking up on unsuspecting brawlers. Her damage is highest when close to the target, and this is easily done by sneaking around the map and stepping out when a brawler gets too close. However, some bounty maps have big, open areas – Shelly should not be used in these Bounty maps.

In Brawl Ball, Shelly does well at dealing with tanks, and she does not need to sneak around, as she can simply march up to the brawler in possession of the ball. However, if the enemy team consists of mid-range heavy hitters such as Colt or Tara, Shelly does not do as well, due to the enemy’s superior damage output and range.

Quick-fire or Manual Aim?

Depending on the situation, you should switch between quick-fire and manual aim. If the opponent is further away and juking, manual aim works better. If the opponent is moving left to right, manual aim will deal more damage, since quick-fire will be delayed. However, quick-fire is very strong when sneaking up on brawlers. Tap the button a few times and the unprepared brawler will be punished.


Overall, Shelly is best played by sneaking around the map, getting kills whenever possible. Despite this, it is important to remember the objective of the game mode. Do not forget to pay attention to the enemy’s composition to adjust your playstyle. Lastly, do NOT get carried away with getting kills…

That’s all from me! I hope you enjoyed this Shelly guide. See more guides on our website by searching for them under the “Guides” category. Check out other guides in the Brawler Basics series by going to the Categories dropdown in the sidebar. Thanks for reading, and as always, brawl on!



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