Fixed Joystick Optional Update

Supercell announced on the Brawl Stars official subreddit earlier today about an upcoming optional update concerning a few QoL changes. Although optional, it is highly recommended that everyone on iOS and Android update to this latest version when released. The changes are as follows:

  • “Locked Movement Control” option added to the settings screen. When using “Locked Movement Control,” the movement joystick doesn’t follow your finger when dragging, but still places the movement joystick dynamically under your finger when pressed.

  • Solo and Duo Showdowns now display “SHOWDOWN!” and music changes when only 2 players or 2 teams are left.

  • Invite friend to game room popup now updates the player status in real time.

  • Solo and Duo Showdown victories are displayed next to each other in the Profile screen.

Over the past weeks, many have complained about not having a fixed joystick. There you have it, the developer team is finally implementing a feature many people in the community want. Stay brawlin’!

bsd small


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