Get FREE Gems! June Update Details

The June Update has arrived! The Supercell team is delivering FOUR new skins, free gems in boxes, Always-on Duo Showdown, and much more! You can read the original post here.


  • Dragon Jessie (150 gems)

  • Summertime Jessie (80 gems)

  • Caveman Frank (80 gems)

  • Phoenix Crow (300 gems)

  • Adjusted price of older skins 20 → 30 gems, 50 → 80 gems, 100 → 80 gems


  • Legendary Brawlers (Spike & Crow) added to the time limited big offers

  • Shop has a free box available every day

  • Higher chance for Brawler offers


  • Duo Showdown is now always available in the 2nd slot, player can toggle between choosing to play Solo or Duo

  • Star Key from Showdown can be claimed in either of the formats (but only one star key available in this game mode slot)

  • All Showdown maps can now be played in Duo Showdown

  • Double Trouble map removed (EDIT – We’re keeping Double Trouble!)

  • Robo Rumble – Randomly generated levels have been added

#Brawl Boxes

  • Reward Doublers (through advertisements) are now available in regular Brawl Boxes

    • Limited to 5 per day (day changes when the 1st slot event rotates)

    • Not available in Big/Mega Boxes

  • Reduced chance of tickets from 35% to 25%

  • Gems added as bonus rewards in Boxes

  • 9% chance to receive gems in a Brawl Box:

    • 3 gems: 61%

    • 5 gems: 27%

    • 8 gems: 9%

    • 12 gems: 3%


  • Play Again can now be used while playing in a game room with 1-2 people or when playing Showdown alone

  • Increased max amount of friends from 100 to 200

  • Increased max pending friend invites from 10 to 20

  • Source for a received friend request is now shown

#Game Rooms

  • New invites cannot be sent while the room owner has readied himself

  • Invite list has player’s own rank filtered out and the rankings now correspond to actual trophy rankings in the friend list

  • Players can no longer start spectating someone from the social slider while being ready in the room

  • Loot Bar can now be closed correctly (won’t reopen automatically)

  • Added “team showdown ended” message in game room chat after a duo showdown match

#Other Improvements

  • Rewards and league tiers have been adjusted

  • Added Duo Showdown victories tracking to player profile

  • Added win animation for Frank in Brawlers screen

  • Number of active spectators in a match is now shown to all players and spectators

  • Added Frank VO

  • Added Friend system sounds

  • Added Other UI sounds

#Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the joystick to sometimes get stuck after a pushback or stun

  • Fixed bug that caused super usage to not properly queue up

  • Fixed a bug that caused poison to fade away on your screen after Showdown match

  • Fixed a bug that caused the screen to stay red when after Showdown match

  • Fixed a bug where stunned pets (Penny’s/Jessie’s turret) and enemies in Robo Rumble would continue shooting after being stunned by Frank



  • Brawlers are now immune to knockback and stun during spawn protection


  • Decreased main attack range from 10 tiles → 9.67 tiles

  • Decreased range boost from bounce from 2 tiles → 1.67 tiles


  • Decreased Super range from 13.33 tiles → 11 tiles


  • Decreased main attack damage from 800 → 760


  • Increased main attack damage from 400 → 420

El Primo

  • Increased main attack damage from 340 → 360

  • Increased health from 5600 → 5800


  • Increased main attack range from 5 tiles → 5.67 tiles

  • Increased health from 5600 → 5800


  • Increased movement speed from 770 → 820 (Mortis is now as fast as crow again!) ~ 🙂


  • Increased cannon projectile speed speed by 25%

  • Decreased cannon reload time from 3.0s → 2.5s


  • Increased main attack range from 6.33 tiles → 7 tiles

  • Increased main attack projectile speed by 28%

  • Increased super projectile speed by 92%


What are your thoughts on this update? Let us know and have a fantastic day!


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