Brawl Ball Throwers are Gone

Hey guys! This is the first post in a while, enjoy!

Supercell posted earlier today an update on what they are starting to do against Brawl Ball players who intentionally “throw” matches. This is dominant in higher trophy games and is highly unfavorable by the team that losses. Here’s what Supercell had to say: ”

Hey everybody,

We wanted to let you know that we will begin taking action against players who intentionally throw matches in Brawl Ball.

We do realize there are times when you try to make a save, but end up just over the goal-line and that’s alright. A few accidental own-goals won’t get you in any trouble. However, we will be taking action against players that repeatedly and intentionally throw games.|”

They are finally starting to take action against cheaters in the game. Hopefully, their next step would be to reduce organized teaming on showdown. That’s it for this post, thanks for reading!



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