Status Report!

From the Brawl Stars developer team:

Hey Brawlers!

We wanted to take a moment and give you guys a short status update about what we’re working on. Please keep in mind that this is very early in the development process. That means that some, or even ALL, of these features may change, get removed, or be completely different in a couple months. We just want to give you some insight on what we’re doing right now 🙂

First, we’d like to take a moment and look back on why we made the previous changes to the game. I’d recommend that if you’re interested, you take a look at this post which goes into more detail. In short, Brawl Stars in portrait was difficult for new players to pick up and play. This impacted a key indicator of long-term success called retention. To improve retention, we changed the orientation of the game, and switched over to Landscape.

Did it work? It’s still too early to draw concrete conclusions from the data however it appears to be looking positive! We’re conscious of the feedback here on Reddit and are working on improvements (see below), but our primary focus is making Brawl Stars into a game that people play for years, and this was a successful step in that direction. The actual data has not shown negative trends.

With all that being said, we’re looking on wards and upwards! Here’s what’s coming: We’re taking a look at auto-aim and seeing how we can adjust it to not be so dominant. We’re also working on the tutorial to make it easier to pick up and play. Additionally (and this is a bit of a bigger task) we’re looking at the trophy progression system and trying to figure out how to make this more appealing as a goal to strive for. We’re also looking at social features around game rooms and making it easier to Brawl with friends. Finally, we’re hoping to create a new Brawler and maybe a new game mode if time permits.

Hopefully this gives everybody a little insight about what we’re working on!


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