March Balance Changes – Introducing the Ranged Meta

Another round of balance changes has been released…oh boy. As you all know, The development team has been getting quite some hate due to their recent unexpected “update”. Let’s see what this “balance change” has to offer. button_ulti_yellow_up

Game Balance

  • Camera is a bit farther away giving more visibility – Improving long range brawlers in general
  • All Brawler and Pet movement speeds increased by roughly 11% – Making the game feel fast again!
  • All projectile movement speeds increased by roughly 9% – Giving a slight edge to long-range Brawlers
  • All in-game Brawler models scaled up a little bit to account for the new camera settings
  • Projectile sizes increased for Colt, Ricochet, Jessie, Crow, Brock, Piper, Tara and Spike – This will make it easier for long-range Brawlers to hit enemies
  • Reduced main attack range for Brock, Piper and Ricochet to better fit the screen

Brawler Balance

  • Increased Mortis dash range 2.33 tiles → 2.67 tiles
  • Increased speed buff from Colt’s Star Power 50 → 60
  • Decreased main attack damage for Bull 440 → 400
  • Decreased main attack damage for Shelly 320 → 300
  • Bo mine explosion delay reduced 1.3 → 1.15
  • Increased main attack damage for Brock 1040 → 1100
  • Increased main attack damage for Piper 1480 → 1560
  • Dynamike and Barley get an even bigger boost to projectile speeds 9% → 14%
  • Ricochet’s bullets bounce farther each time they bounce (roughly 2 tiles per bounce, max 6 bounces)

Seeing these changes may sound slightly overwhelming, but wait until you’ve tried it out. Don’t forget to bring your Colt and Piper!

Additionally, they also added some FAQs to help us understand their reasoning a bit more.

bb icon

We also wanted to take this opportunity to answer some common questions that we’ve seen on the subreddit over the last couple weeks:

Q: Why did you change the game to landscape when none of the current players on reddit requested this feature? It seems like you care about new players more than the old ones.

At Supercell we have extraordinarily high standards for releasing new games. We want any game that we release to be played for years and remembered forever. In this thread, we explained that one of the hurdles we need to overcome before making any decisions about global launch is retention. Especially looking at new players.

All of you here on Reddit have beat the odds, so to speak, and have become dedicated Brawlers. That’s absolutely amazing and we’re very glad that you love the game as much as we do! Unfortunately, there aren’t enough of you. In order for us to be really confident in Brawl Stars’ success for many years, we need to be sure that more players will overcome that hurdle. The portrait controls were too big of a hurdle for many players, and that’s one of the reasons we needed to make a change. We’re committed to making Brawl Stars a game that lasts for years, and this is a step in that direction.

Q: Why did you change the upgrade system? Is this more pay-to-win?

Actually, it isn’t! It’s slightly more expensive if you want to instantly max everything, but a free player’s progress isn’t much slower at all. We made the change because the previous system was too complicated and offered more choices that were less meaningful. The new system is simpler and offers fewer but more meaningful upgrades.

Q: I hate auto-aim because it takes the skill out of the game! Why did you make it better? Will you remove it?

We’d like to make this feature as good as it can be and then we can evaluate it. It makes entering the game easier but winning high-skill games are definitely not just spamming the auto-aim. High skill games require you to know when to use auto-aim and when to use manual aiming. We’ll be watching closely how these new balance changes affect the game and will be intently listening to your feedback! If something is broken, we will fix it.

Q: Why isn’t there a tap-to-shoot option?

Tap-to-shoot requires a very uncomfortable hand position in landscape. We prefer having a single control method, otherwise (in order to compete at a high level) players would be forced to use the most effective method. The new controls offer a much more comfortable playing experience at the expense of slightly worse aiming. That being said, the decision is not final! We’re going to continue tweaking the controls and see what works best.

Q: Why haven’t you implemented community requests like new Brawlers, new maps, new game modes?

While we’re in soft-launch our only goal is to learn, test, and prove that the game is global-worthy. Our eyes are on the prize. We already know that releasing new Brawlers is fantastic for the game… which means that we cannot learn anything more from releasing new Brawlers. That being said, we’re still working on these things and ‘more Brawlers’ is on our to-do list!

First landscape, then improving auto-aim, now making snipers OP…what’s next? Thanks for reading, Brawl…or not…on!


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