Brawl Box Drop Rates

Supercell has officially released the drop rates for brawl boxes. Now, players know what they can expect and their odds at getting something they want.

The drop rates don’t look that great, but it is reasonable for a company that lives on in-app purchases. Here is everything you need to know about Brawl Boxes.

Each Brawl Box contains one of the following: a new Brawler, Power Points + Coins, or a Star Power. Additionally, you can get Coin Doublers or Event Tickets as a bonus.

Reward probabilities are:

Power Points + Coins: 88%
Common Brawler: 6.38%
Rare Brawler: 2.57%
Super Rare Brawler: 1.17%
Epic Brawler: 0.52%
Mythic Brawler: 0.24%
Legendary Brawler: 0.11%
Star Power: 1%

In addition, there’s a 35% chance to get Event Tickets and a 3% chance to get a Coin Doubler. Note that Star Powers are only available for Brawlers that have reached Level 9. Once you have unlocked all rewards of a certain type, for example Common Brawlers, the probability to get all other rewards increases.


Drop rates

That’s everything you need to know about Brawl Boxes! I hope this has helped you and now you have a skim outline of the chances of you getting what you want! Brawl on!




16 Replies to “Brawl Box Drop Rates”

        1. Theoretically, with a 25% chance, 4 boxes is all you need, but it could be 1 box or 100 boxes before you get Tara.


    1. It means theoretically, you will get a legendary brawler in 1000 boxes, but in reality, you can get one in either more or less boxes. Keep in mind that as you open more boxes without new brawlers, your drop rates increase.


      1. No… that’s not how probability works… when the same probability of a item is repeatedly drawn, you need to use powers. So if a legendary brawler is 0.1%, then you do 1-((1-0.1%)^the amount of boxes)which, to get this probability above 50%, amount of boxes=693. Which means that if the probability of a legendary is 0.1%, and if you open 693 boxes, you are likely(>50% chance) to get a legendary


        1. The probability here is the chance of getting a legendary brawler PER box. You are just as likely to get a legendary brawler on the first box than that of the 1000th box. For example, if the probability is at 0.1%, you have a 0.1% of pulling a legendary from the next box, the box after that,etc. until your probability increases.


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