How to Aim Your Super Post-Update

The update has just rolled out, and the reviews aren’t exactly very good. With a negative Brawl Talk rating on Reddit and massive dislike towards Supercell even after the update has come out, this update may put the game in grave danger.

Along with the update came with many new features including a completely redesigned UI, currency system, and controls. With the game now being landscape, people have to start back at square one and get used to it. One problem many players will realize and definitely not get used to is the new Super button. Since the release of the game, to use a brawler’s super, you simply tap on the button and tap on the screen to use it. However, this update has made it quite different. In fact, the Super “button” has not turned into a Super “joystick”. That’s right, there are 3 different joysticks for you to control in a match now. To use a super, you now drag the Super joystick and aim it where you want to.

The first problem players find that if you only tag on the joystick, the new “auto-aim” comes into play and fires for you. This can be a good thing when in close quarters, but it can, however, be extremely unpredictable. The auto-aim is fairly inaccurate and will fail you most times. Just try to get used to the new joysticks for shooting.

This update will take a while to get used to, as how a player plays the game is completely different from before. As time goes on, players will get more used to the new way of playing the game. That will be the end of this post, and until next time, brawl on!


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