Brawler Guide: Barley (Part 2)

SIDENOTE: In these series, I am going to create a part 3 on how to use each respective brawlers in the new gamemodes – Boss Fight and Robo Rumble. I will make another post for Bo. Anyways, continue reading!!!

Hey guys, it’s Galaxy here with another brawler guide! This time a continuation of the last one on Barley. Here’s another recap of the rating Barley recieved in Part 1:

Smash and Grab: 4/5

Bounty: 4.5/5

Showdown: 4/5

Heist: 5/5

Brawl Ball: 4/5

Average Rating: 4.5/5

Our Rating: 4.5/5


Smash and Grab

In SnG, Barley does well in area control and disruption (I didn’t give him disruption before. He only does this in SnG.) as he can control choke points with ease. His super can be used to decimate a single tanky brawler, or chip off a bunch of brawlers.

I feel that Barley does incredibly well at controlling where the enemies go. Simply throw your bottles at which choke point you believe the enemy will go and continue. If the enemy gets bold, and run through the wine, then you can use your attacks and, with the support of your teammates, destroy the enemy. (Maybe “fool” would be a better word?)


Barley can control the choke points again, but this will not affect the game that much as the game mode requires kills, not control. Thankfully, Barley can also do huge damage safely from behind a wall, which would be his main use in Bounty. Using this asset, he can provide heavy artillery from behind a wall to a 3v2 situation with your other teammates. These 2 situations are the most beneficial for a Barley in Bounty.


Barley in showdown has great Power Crate farming speed and can usually get 2, and afterward get kills using the techniques in Bounty. Not much to this section, but if you play like it’s a 1 man Bounty, you should be about top 3.


Heist does incredibly well in heist, as long he can get into range of the safe, his regular attack does 560 damage x2 because of the tick, and then his super does 480 x5 (if you can stack all the oil together on the safe – I’ve done it before, its completely OP. Usually takes about 30%-50% depending on the stage) x6 (I think that’s how many times it ticks…), or 14400 damage (A lot). Because he cannot break walls, he should simply be used to smack the safe again and again.

When defending, he just needs to control the choke points and use SnG tactics. Control the movement of the enemy, etc.

Brawl Ball

Barley does exceptionally well in this game mode simply because, once again, he controls the choke points and ultimately, where the enemy moves. If this is done well, you can ensure that the ball holder has to soak up a tonne of damage before they can get the ball into the goal (or not!!! XDXD).


So, thats the second part of the brawler guide on Barley. (Not the last, remember, 3 parts now!) Hope you enjoyed, and Brawl On!


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