If you have been on Brawl Star’s subreddit recently, you may have noticed there is quite some drama on there. There is the side that is defending Supercell and the side putting “hate” on them. Why? The Brawl Talk.

Supercell announced earlier today that they were delaying the release of the next Brawl Talk video due to unforeseen bugs during the final stages of testing. It’s not hard why a normal player would get pissed at this announcement because earlier this week, Supercell commented on a post saying they were “hoping it’ll be ready late this week.” This didn’t happen due to” a few bugs while testing, and we[Supercell] weren’t comfortable moving forward without fixing them. We’ll continue to test early next week and then (depending on whether or not we find any other problems) we’ll[Supercell] move forward with the update!” Don’t get your hopes too high, people.

On the other hand, don’t get your hopes down, either. They also said in the same post that they “will hopefully be releasing Brawl Talk next week, and the Update will follow shortly after.” I am confident they will drop the next Brawl Talk in the coming week, so get hyped (not overhyped). However, just to be clear, they clarified that “this update will not be coming with global release or an Android release. Our main focus for this update is improving the core game experience. We’ll have more info on that in the Brawl Talk next week.” No global or Android release yet, folks!

Thanks for reading, let us know what you think will be announced in the new Brawl Talk video coming out soon! Keep on brawlin’!



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