Over-Powered Brawl Ball Team Comp

Hey guys, its Milestgg here. It’s been a while since I’ve written an article, but I’m back! Today, I will go over a much-needed strategy to push trophies in Brawl Ball.

This combo relies on 2 supports and one main goal scorer/wall breaker. Since I said wall breaker, you can guess who the first brawler in this team is…… El Primo! Secondly, we have another wall breaker who can also play as much needed support and area control…. Tara! Last but now least, we have a crucial part in this team who’s STAR POWER adds even more power to this combo….Jessie!



Primo is the main scorer in this combo. Since his ultimate is pretty easy to get, he should be using his super most of the time to break walls and score the goal. It may be tempting to jump into a group of squishy brawlers with 1000 health left, but the ball is usually more important. Scoring a goal is always better than getting 3 kills (unless your three kills allow for an easy score). Whenever you’re playing El Primo, you should always go for the overpowered Wombo Combo. Once you get the super, kick the ball into the wall and jump into the wall to destroy it. You will automatically have the ball again, so you can easily kick it into the goal.

TARATara (2).png

Tara plays a very important role in this team. Whoever is lucky enough to have her should always use her in Brawl Ball. She offers major area control with her piercing cards and she can easily annihilate an entire team by using her super and getting 3 easy shots off. Her job in this team is mainly to poke and distract while the El Primo does the killing. Also, if the Primo is close to scoring a goal, she can use her super to pull the enemy team away from the ball. Since in Brawl Ball, the team us grouped up a lot, she can use her ultimate to wipe out the enemies. A bonus tip: you can use her super to destroy walls, just make sure to land the center of it on the wall!


Jessie is a beast on defense at brawl ball. Before her star power was released, she was pretty garbage, but now she kills. Like I said before, players will group up unintentionally in Brawl Ball, therefore, Jessie can charge up her super quicker than ever. Once the turret is down things get a lot easier. You will always want to put the turret in a bush or in an area where it can easily hit opponents. If you have the Star Power, you can just spam the turret and heal it up. If not, just shoot the enemies and get another turret up. Nothing is more heartbreaking than almost scoring a goal just to be killed by a turret.


This OP combo is very easy to use. My bandmates and I won 13 matches in a row using this combo. Just remember, goals are always better than kills (usually). Thanks for reading, Brawl on!!bsd small


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