Elite League Tournament

Are you ready for the Elite League Tournament? This long tournament will test your team’s capabilities in a variety of maps and game modes! There are 32 teams in total, so join ASAP! Are you up for it? Here is all the info you’ll need! Good luck to everyone entering! Please read everything before registering, if you miss something that can lead your teams to be DQed, that will be on you! 

Elite League Tournament

Elite League Tourney Banner


  1. This is an NA Tournament! You must live in North America to enter this tournament! This is important for match-making. If you do not live in NA, you are entering at your own risk as teams that show up late are disqualified with NO rematches.
  2. You have up to 10 minutes to arrive with your COMPLETE team at the time of your match before your team loses the round.
  3. You must be at least 13 years of age to enter.
  4. In any scenario, you may not team/cooperate with the opposing team in any way that can create unfair advantages/disadvantages to any participants that are taking part in the event.
  5. Any form of cheating results in an immediate disqualification from the tournament and escalating consequences on further offenses. Helpers, mods, and admins decide what is cheating and what isn’t.
  6. Each player must only be on ONE team, no exceptions. Multiple accounts by the same person are not allowed.
  7. Fake account sign-ups will not be tolerated. This will lead to an immediate disqualification of the entire team.
  8. Every participant must abide by Supercell’s terms of service listed here: http://supercell.com/en/terms-of-service/.


(ANY inability to follow these rules will lead to a WARNING, and if repeated, a DISQUALIFICATION. Each team will have only 1 warning. However, if a team/player is cheating/signing up fake accounts, their team will be immediately disqualified)

Refer to How To Prove A Victory for information about verification.



Want to help increase the prize pool? Here’s your chance to help! This Brawl Stars tournament is meant to reward players by their skill. These funds will go into rewards for the players, and will NOT be used for personal benefit.

If you are interested in donating, click here (https://www.gofundme.com/elite-league-tournament) or message one of the admins on the server or use the built-in donation button below! Any amount is greatly appreciated, and you will receive your role in the server accordingly as well as your spot on our sponsors list!


Tournament Dates

Starts: March 10th – Saturday

Round Robin Stage ends – April 28th

Finals Double Elimination starts: May 5th

Final Round: May 19th


Tournament Format

How It Works

There will be 2 leagues of 16 teams each. The teams from the two leagues will not play each other until the finals. In order to participate, you must be in our Discord server: https://discord.gg/X6yhh5a . Read How to Register for more information. All the game-modes will be played in this tournament, so pick a team that specializes in ALL the modes!

The 2 leagues will each play separate round-robin matches (15 in total) for around 2 months (look at Tournament Dates for more info.) with one round every Saturday and Sunday. Then, the top 4 teams from each league will advance to the double-elimination finals. Provided below are two links that are examples of what the stages will look like, please look them over and understand the tournament format!

Each round will be a best of 3. The top 4 teams with the most wins in each league will advance to the finals rounds. If for some reason there is a tie, the tied teams will then play a separate best of 3 match sometime during the week with the winner moving on. If there are 3 or more tied teams, there will be a random draw using the Giveaway Bot.

The finals rounds will start on Saturday, May 5th and the final match will be on Saturday, May 19th. Round 1 of the finals rounds and Losers Round 1 will both be played on the 5th. The winners progress and play Round 2 (as well as Losers Round 2) on the 6th. The semifinals, as well as Losers Round 3, will be played on the 12th. The Losers round 4 will be played on the 13th. This may sound confusing, but read the highlighted paragraphs with the two Challonge tabs open to help you out.


The finals rounds will all be best of 3 rounds other than the final match. The final match will be a best of 5.


This is the example round-robin stage: http://challonge.com/kdnrh035

This is the example double elimination stage: http://challonge.com/BSMLFinalsExample

Please go over the links and be familiar with the two types!


Game-Modes and Maps

The game-modes will be played in the order of Bounty->Heist->Smash and Grab->Brawl Ball. These will be cycling throughout the tournament (for example after round 4, BB, round 5 goes back to Bounty).

The maps will be randomly generated for each round and will be announced one day prior to the match. There can be repeat maps!  
icon_bountyicon_heisticon_smashgrabbb icon

How to Register

In order to register, you and your team must all have the League Eligible role on the Discord server, meaning that if they aren’t in the server yet, they MUST join it. To get the role, earn 10,000 Brawl Coins and use the following commands: .buy league ticket and then .use to get the role.Once you have the role, you will have access to the registration channel, which allows you to register your team in the correct channel. 

This tournament is size limited. This means that not everyone who registers will be guaranteed a spot! The registration will help ASAP when the tournament is full. The tournament size is 96 players = 32 teams. The teams will be placed and secured a spot on a first-come-first-serve basis!


The registration format is as follows:

Team name

@playerone , playerone in game name (Captain)

@playertwo , playertwo in game name

@playerthree , playerthree in game name

Please put captain next to the team captain. The team captain is responsible for his/her team and any team decisions.



Team Nubbies

@Some , SomeRandomNoob (Captain)

@Random , RandomNoobSome

@Noob , NoobSomeRandom


How to Prove a Victory

All rounds require a form of verification in order for the round to be counted. Both teams must take a screenshot of the end profile to make the verification process much faster! In the final round, every game must be recorded! Send all of the pictures and videos to the admins or moderators by tagging them in the chat with the file(s) attached. To send files larger than 8mb, upload the file to google drive and share a viewable (we don’t need to ask permission to see it) link.


All rewards will be delivered through PayPal or iTunes. The rewards are subject to change at any time.

First place – Winner of double elimination (Winner of Group 14 on Challonge)

  • $20 per player

Second place – Loser of the final round in double elimination (Loser of Group 14 on Challonge)

  • $15 per player

Third place – Loser of Loser Round 4 in double elimination (Loser of Group 13 on Challonge)

  • $10 per player



That’s everything you need for this long-lasting league tournament! Please read over everything carefully! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us under #qna! Again, please help increase our prize pool by donating! Good luck to everyone entering!

good luck


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