How to Fix the Telugu Symbol Bug

Hey guys! In today’s blog, I’ll be going over how to prevent Brawl Stars (it actually applies to your entire phone) from crashing once you see that recently infamous Telugu Indian symbol. If you do not know what I’m talking about, all you have to do is go to Google and search it up. Here is what the symbol looks like: 575373-telugu-character

What does this symbol do?

This symbol when seen will crash that application until the symbol is deleted or spammed out. For example, if a troll joins your band and pastes this symbol in the band chat, everyone who sees it (who hasn’t updated their iOS) will be glitched out of the game and the game will crash everytime they try to open it up. This applies to any other chatting app like WhatsApp or Discord. However, this get’s more severe when you receive a notification with the symbol in the message. In this case, your entire phone will start bugging out and you will not be able to do anything about it unless you read on about the fix to this bug.

How do you fix it and get immunity from trolls?

Earlier today, Apple released iOS 11.2.6, which fixes the symbol bug. If you have an iOS device (this includes a Mac), check Settings -> General -> Software Update to update if you haven’t already. If you cannot update your iOS through your phone, connect it to your pc, download iTunes, and update it that way. This will make you immune to this symbol because Apple has eliminated the bug caused by it. The only problem with this is the storage space. System updates become a huge problem for users with low phone storage like me personally (16GB). This particular update takes quite some space, so if you don’t have the storage needed and can’t make room whatsoever, your last resort will be in the next section.

What if I cannot update my device for any reason? How do I fix it then?

The only other clear option would be to wait for a friend to either delete the message or spam it out of the screen on line-limited chatting places such as in Brawl Stars. I will list a few specific applications and how to handle the situation on them below.

  • Discord – Discord is probably the easiest to fix. Simply either ask a friend to purge the message and you will be ready to go. Another option would be to log onto your Discord account on a Windows or Android computer and delete the message or leave the server/group.
  • Brawl Stars – There is no delete option in Brawl Stars and you can’t leave the band if you can’t get on the game, so the only way to get back on to Brawl Stars is for using another immune device and getting on the game. The immune accounts will then spam the chat until the symbol has disappeared from the chat screen. You are now able to get back on the game. Be sure to report players who send this in the band chat, for Supercell is taking action against these trolls.


That’s really about it for this blog post! I hope this helps solve some of your problems, if not, be sure to comment your problem below, and I will try my best to help you solve them! Thanks for reading, Brawl On (if you can get onto the game)!darryl icon



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