February Web Update – More options from the menu and more!

February is here, and so is a small website update! This isn’t a major theme or topic update, but more like balance changes in Brawl Stars that are acceptable. Today, we changed the primary menu options, resized the header logo in the background to fit the new theme, and updated the main background color.

Primary Menu Changes

The original menu was lacking categories and organization, we fixed that today! Categories are now more organized into subcategories and you can find ALL the categories in the menu at the top!

Website Header Resize

We updated the header image to make the logo fit the new theme’s dimensions from out old 2017 theme. It should look more scaled now.


Background Color Change

Lastly, we changed the background color slightly from a light green shade to a soothing, light yellow-green color. We hope this helps the atmosphere a bit and also helps your reading experience!


That’s it for this round of website updates! If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know in the comments below or visit our contact page! Thanks for reading, and have fun Brawling! player_icon_trophy_01


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