Paying our Writers!

The time has finally come, and we have reached our goal of 10,000 views, we have decided to reward our writers for their awesome posts in which they’ve put a lot of time and effort into.

Before you get too excited, I would just like to say that it isn’t much, as we are still a small website and growing, especially since a global release for Brawl Stars is just around the corner.

How it will Work

We are putting the Writer of the Week in use! As we don’t have a lot to give at the moment, we do the best we can and have decided that using the Writer of the Week feature is a great idea.  Every month, there will be 4-5 Writer of the Week writers, and every month, the writer that gets the most of this title will get $5. However, if a writer gets Writer of the Week at least once in a month, they will start off the next month with a count of 1 instead of 0. That $5 is paid using Paypal, as there are no $5 iTunes gift cards. However, a writer can save up to $10 to claim their iTunes gift card. This will begin on February 5th.

Yes, we know, this isn’t much at all, but we have little to spend and are on very tight budgets, so bear with us and as we grow, the money our writers get will grow larger!

If you want to apply to be a writer, please visit this page. In addition, we are also looking for 1-2 graphic artists to help design our post thumbnails. If you would like to be a graphic artist, please contact us here! Thanks for reading and brawl on!


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