Piper Discussion – Pros and Cons

Hello dear brawlers! I’m Hido-BS, and here to talk about the brawler: Piper. For those who don’t know about Piper, Piper is an epic brawler. She is a long-ranged character with an umbrella which acts like her gun. This magical umbrella shoots beams that harm her foes greatly if shot from long distances. Her ultimate ability is to fly to the desired location in a limited range while dropping explosive bombs on her opponents. Her star ability increases her ability greatly when she is located in a bush. Now enough with the introduction, let’s get into the discussion.

Today I would like to discuss Pros & Cons of Piper. Please note that the following Pros & Cons are in my opinion and I’m here to discuss with you, the community, on the brawler: Piper.

Pros; 1) Grants huge advantage in less bushy maps due to very long ranged weapon, 2)Good at escaping enemies if the ultimate ability is ready, 3) High normal damage, 4) High damage from the bombs dropped in her ultimate ability.

Cons; 1) Dies easily to melee attackers like El Primo if the fight is in close range and if the ultimate ability isn’t ready, 2) Re-Charge time on her normal attack is higher then some other ranged brawlers, 3) Very bad at bushy maps since she cannot target her foes well.

Now I would like to elaborate all my points and then leave it there for you to think about it and state your opinions.


1) How’s this is an advantage you ask? Well, Piper is a brawler who needs long range and open maps to be able to guess her enemies movements and shoot in that direction to snipe her foes from far distances. If the map is too bushy it will not be good for Piper since she won’t see her enemies well thus making it hard for her to guess the movement of her enemies.

2) What I mean by this? Piper is a ranged character, so that means she will need an escape plan if a melee character, such as El Primo, sneaks behind her and surprises her. And her ultimate ability is the best escape plan for her. It’s a must-have in bushy maps.

3) Self-explanatory, her normal damage (damage from umbrella) is very decent, if not high, but it has to be shot from maximum distance or as far as possible. Note that with Piper, the closer the range you shoot your target from, the less damage your target takes.

4) Self-explanatory, the bombs dropped while she makes her escape with the ultimate ability, are very effective. Especially against melee characters such as, El Primo or Bull. If the opponent does get caught up right in the middle of the 3 bombs dropped, that opponent is as good as dead, if not close to dead. Even so, 1 bomb is still enough to deal great damage.


1) Pretty self-explanatory, Piper is ranged character with a medium amount of health, she usually does not have a problem handling melee attackers but once those melee attackers get close to her, it will give Piper a hard time. So having ultimate at all times or trying to stay away from melee’s at all times is best for Piper.

2) Yes, very true. If you noticed, once you used all 3 available shots, she’s pretty slow in re-charging back. Which again is a major problem. This gives her a disadvantage in damage dealt charts when she’s compared to say, Ricochet. Ricochet has a very decent re-charging speed on his normal attack, unlike Piper. However on the bright side, if the Piper used is accurate and professional, Piper could be every punishing due to how hard it hits from long distances, so that kind of makes up for it.

3) Self-explanatory, Piper is not reliable in bushy maps, it’s not because of other ranged brawlers but because melee brawlers will have no problem in sneaking up on her. If she does not have a Bo with star power (grants himself and teammates ability to see opponents hiding in a bush in a certain radius), then that Piper is as good as dead.

That brings us to the end of the discussion. What is your take on this?? Do you agree with my points or disagree? Thanks for reading! Stay brawling!



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