The Best and Worst 3 Stars Powers – feat. Lex

Hey there! In this post, we did an exclusive interview with Lex to find out who he thinks have the best and worst star powers! This list will consist of the top 3 stars powers and also the worst 3 star powers, read on!

The Top 3 Stars Powers

1: Mortis 3d_mortis

Mortis’ star power, even after the nerf, allows Mortis to be even more aggressive especially when there are multiple souls already on the field.  Being able to gain back a quarter of his health with one soul makes this an incredible star power, and if there are multiple souls nearby, he can go from almost dead to full health in an instant.

2: Spike3d_spike

His star power allows him to be fearless up close with enemies. Because he can heal at a pretty significant rate while in his “Stick Around”, he is able to be more aggressive when he has his super ready, dishing out a ton of damage up close while being able to soak up more damage.

3: CrowCrow_White-Crow-177x300

While it’s not an exciting star power, the amount of damage negated over the course of a match due to this has the possibility of negating thousands of HP. This fact alone is hard to ignore.


And now for the 3 brawlers with the worst star powers in Lex’s opinion.


The Worst 3 Stars Powers

1: DynamikeDynamike (2)

While I love this ability to jump over walls, the situations where this is actually effective in the heat of battle are very limited.  To be able to pull this jump off to evade in the moment is nearly impossible to do.  The best use is probably on Heist, but most people know how to look for this now and it renders Mike’s star power almost to a parlor trick.

2: Darryldarryl icon

While the damage reduction during his roll is high, there are few instances where this is effective. Simply put, it’s usefulness is low.  Most people will not be shooting at you while rolling, and their chances of hitting you decrease while rolling so to further reduce the damage that he won’t take isn’t wonderful.  It can still absolutely be useful in tight spots like SNG for picking up gems and rolling out when you’re low on health, but I just don’t find it to be exciting or worth 1000 precious tokens at the moment.

3: ColtColt Rockstar (1).png

Colt used to have a really great star power but a recent nerf has put his star power firmly into the disappointing category.  It’s not that the extra speed isn’t good, because it is, but that it’s really underwhelming for 1000 tokens.  You can barely notice the speed increase and for something that is supposed to be the pinnacle of brawler progression, this just feels like a letdown.


That’s it for this post! What do you think about this? Who would you choose to have the best and worst star powers? Let us know! Again we would like to thank Lex for his time answering these questions! Check out his channel here. Good luck and Brawl on!

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