Reddit AMA Questions & Responses Part 3

Welcome back to the last part of the Reddit AMA posts! Let’s dive into 5 more questions and responses!

Remember, this color means questions and black means responses! Also, you can see part 1 here and part 2 here.

By easteryard

Are you going to add more map slots besides the current three when the playerbase grows? A wider selection of maps/modes to play would be appreciated by many!

It’s possible that we will at some point. Right now we don’t have a strong need to add another slot so we haven’t worked toward that.

With the removal of chips you also removed the possibility to assure a legendary brawler at some point. Are you thinking about ways to implement assurance of finding legendary brawlers again?

At the moment we have no plans to do this.

Follow up to the previous question: would you ever consider implementing pseudo randomness so that the unlucky player’s chance of finding a rare brawler would slightly increase? This would also be in favor of your most commited and loyal players.

There IS a ‘luck’ system currently in the game. This means that if you go a long time without getting rare drops, you become more likely to get a rarer drop.

Why did you remove the coin booster and are you going to add it again at some point or replace it with something else?

We removed it for a few reasons. First, we didn’t want players to feel like they needed to hoard Brawl Boxes (in the hopes of getting a booster) until right before an event. Next, the differences between the two were a bit confusing to explain. Finally, this gives us a little more leeway with rewards. For example, if we wanted to make an event that rewards a lot of coins, we don’t have to worry about breaking the economy.

Are you happy with the current economy system as it is at the moment? Depending on your luck it seems to be a lot faster to max out and account than it would in Clash Royale.

We’re never happy! We always want to keep striving to improve. That being said, we don’t have any plans right now to do a major rework and instead are focusing on making smaller tweaks and improvements as needed.


By KzAwesome7

What’s a typical day in your workplace? Like how do you bring up ideas to the rest of the team? Is it very noisy and chaotic?

We all sit together as a team, which makes it very easy for us to spitball ideas. If someone has a cool new idea, they can just flip their chair around and start talking about it! It’s not too noisy, but most of us have a set of headphones if we really want to concentrate.



By Relyhh

Might be an obvious question but, are we connected to the nearest brawl stars server? If I live far from Canada, but in a country closer to Finland, will I experience less lag?

Yes, you will, but of course, it will depend on the matchmaking which server you’re on. If 5/6 players are in Canada, the game will favor that server.


By yagomeister –

Why don’t you guys ask top players who play a lot what they think should be nerfed and buffed?, I feel like many of these changes are being made from complaints from inexperienced Brawl Stars gamers, and they are slowly making the game too “noob friendly”.

We asked Powerbang about balancing the last few times and he just kept yelling “NERF MORTIS!”


By iArribi

Can we have an approximate date on when the game will be released for Android? Not as a deadline but as a slight spark of hope.

Unfortunately, releasing in soft launch on Android is somewhat complicated. I’m going to get a little bit technical so bear with me:

Due to the nature of the Android APK, if we tried to release only in one region, it’s pretty trivial for the APK to be released worldwide. We’re definitely not ready for the game to be worldwide just yet.


That wraps up this post and the Reddit AMAs with 5 last questions. Have fun pushing (or tilting) your brawlers! 🙂


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