Star Powers: Good or Bad? (Part 2)

Hey guys, its Galaxy here with another blog post! This post will be the sequel to the post about Star Powers. If you missed it, check it out here! And with that out of the way, lets launch into the post! For those of you who, once again, don’t play Brawl Stars or just don’t know, then here is the exact extract from part 1:

“Star Powers are essentially a passive effect that a brawler receives when they are complete maxed out. This (if I have calculated correctly) will cost a total of 2,740 tokens, with 9 pins costing 20 tokens, 6 badges costing 50 and 3 medals costing 120. Then there are 3 crests which can be unlocked when each of the pins, badges, and medal are unlocked respectively, each costing 300 and finally, there is this aforementioned Star Power which costs 1000 tokens to unlock. – GalaxyUnknown5, 2017” (So sorry but I had to quote it)

And the questions we asked and answered last time were:

  • Which Star Powers are worth it?
  • Which are the most powerful?

In this post, I will be going through all the Rare Brawlers. So, let’s get into it, starting with Bull!



Bull’s Star Power is called Berserker and it doubles Bull’s reload speed when he is below 50% health. Let’s be honest, this star power sounds really underwhelming, but it is actually completely broken, especially in heist when Bull is next to the safe and being attacked by 3 brawlers at once. Doing this will also allow the other 2 brawlers to deal damage to the safe when everyone is focused on you, so… yep not op in any way at all. 😀


I personally see this star power as completely op, which means my opinions should be clear. DEFINITELY worth buying and definitely one of the most powerful.




Brock’s Star Power is called Incendiary and it basically means that the rockets will explode into flames, which is what the Star Power does. The rockets will leave behind a flame the same size as the explosion radius of Brock’s rockets and do 240 damage per second, staying there for about 3 seconds. This Star Power essentially just deals extra damage to the hit target as it does 240 damage immediately and blocks choke points relatively well.


If I could I would totally repeat what I write for Bull here, but Anyways, yeah I think this star power is just in general one of the better ones. It simply adds damage, but the effect can be game-changing. Definitely worth buying. Definitely one of the more useful and game-changing ones.




Barley’s Star Power is called Medicinal Use and it simply heals barley 200 health when uses his main attack, Undiluted. I see this star power as useful, but not game-changing, as it just provides a slower method of healing, but one that can be used when you are in a combat situation.

I would prefer getting this Star Power from a Brawl Box, as it is one of the more underwhelming, but some may prefer buying it. An opinion is an opinion, so I can’t really say anything to change your ideas. This star power is, once again, one of the more useful but not as powerful and overwhelming.




And now we’re on the last Star Power being featured in this Blog, in this case, Energise, which activates when Jessie shoots her turret with her Shock Rifle, healing 800 health and having the orb home into another target like it would if it was shooting an enemy. Ok, let’s get this straight, this Star Power is completely and utterly BROKEN, and yet Supercell decided it needed to be buffed from 600 health healed to 800… Damn this power is broken. You can place the turret in a beneficial position and continue shooting it when the opponents attempt to get close, healing the turret and damaging the enemies more, charging the super again. See what I mean? Broken.


I think you once again can understand my opinion. Definitely worth buying, definitely one of the most powerful.



And that’s another post on the series of posts about Star Powers. Next time I will be going through all the Super Rares and after that, in Part 4, I will go over my opinion of the epics, mythics, and legendaries. Anyways, see you all in the next post and brawl on!


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