Reddit AMA Questions & Responses Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of the Reddit AMA. Let’s dive into 5 more questions and responses!

Remember, this color means questions and black means responses! Also, you can see part 1 here.

By TheMordeus

Hey guys, great with another AMA! (And wonderful news that you are releasing the game in Sweden now! Goodbye lag!) Now to my question; Are you planning to add any more asymmetrical Game Modes? Like Heist, but with different objectives. I think these kinds of maps really spice things up, when properly balanced ofc, and it would be fun to have some more. The dynamics between an offensive team pushing forward and a defensive team trying to hold the fort can create a lot of fun and exciting moments!

As a bonus question; What are you guys most/least satisfied with regarding Heist as it looks today?

Take care!

Yes, those are super cool! Though as you’ve probably noticed, they’re quite difficult to balance.

Making the short-range Brawlers speedier threw off the current Heist balance a little bit, but we think we’re getting closer and closer to 50/50 win-rates.


By ARJeff –

Were there any specific reactions to anything released that threw the team off guard?

There were so many new things added that we really weren’t sure how everyone would react! Luckily nothing was broken, so we’re pretty happy.

The ESports scene for this game is already insane compared to any other supercell game. A game with successful eSports generally has lasted very long( Call of duty, League of Legends) is the eSports team something supercell is willing to readily support?

Absolutely, we’re really excited about the prospect of Esports in Brawl!

Is Band Mail a feature currently in the works? I’d love to coordinate events better with my members.

This is on our to-do list but not actively being worked on right now.

Is there any band vs band game modes currently in the works? Here is my TLDR version of an idea feel free to use in my band and I would love seeing this implemented.

We’re excited about creating something more interactive with Bands, but we don’t have a concrete idea yet. We want to be sure that we’re really happy with whatever we implement. Your idea sounds pretty cool though!


By CrowlsTheBest

Hello Ryan!

I wanted to ask if we can expect a new Legendary brawler soon/ in near future. Or Do you think that right now 2 legendaries are enough?

At the moment almost 10% of the Brawlers are legendary. So it’s unlikely that the next one we come up with will be that rare. Let’s see what we come up with though!


By Arighzz

When will yall update the fan kit? I use photoshop a lot and honestly without the fan kit it’s kind of hard to do work, great job on the game guys.

*Glaring at the art team*

Yes, we hope so! We don’t want to steal too much time from the artists but we’ll poke them a few more times to see if they can grab the assets for everyone.


By Spartz99

Are there gonna be free gems awarded to players for completing certain achievements? (Mainly for F2P players).

At the moment we don’t have plans for this. We want skins (bought with gems) to be very exclusive. Regarding Achievements, we might do something along these lines. We’d like to be better about giving clear goals to players that are fun to attain. That being said, we think we can do something cooler than the achievement system!


That wraps this post up! I hope these answer some of the questions you’ve had as well! Peace out.


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