Reddit AMA Questions & Responses Part 1

Hey brawlers! In case you haven’t read the Brawl Stars Reddit AMA with the Dev Team, I’ll post a few posts that have other players’ questions and the developers’ answers. Just a tip, this color means the question and black means the answer. Here we go!

By WeeklyBrawler – 

Do you read our concepts? How many support messages do you receive daily?

Yes we do! The best place to put new concepts is here on Reddit. Our Support team forwards us as many as they can, but the whole dev team checks Reddit pretty regularly. If you have an idea, post it here for us to see!

What are your work days?

The average workday is 9-5 but we’re pretty flexible which is nice. We can come in later/earlier as long as we don’t have anything scheduled.

How long are your brainstorming sessions?

One of the best things about having a small team is that we can brainstorm any time. We’re all sitting together, so when somebody has an idea, they just flip their chair around and start talking about it. We’re constantly pitching new ideas to each other and chatting about improvements.

How many Brawlers (an estimate) do you plan to be added before global release?

We don’t have a definite number set, but certainly more than we have right now.

Will there ever be an spectating feature?

Yes, we’re working on this now!

Will bands ever benefit players in any other way than game rooms and chat?

We’d love to add some features for Bands. We’ve chatted about this quite a bit but haven’t (yet) landed on a perfect idea

What do you have to say about the matchmaking?

We’re constantly working to improve matchmaking! Game Rooms can make it tough (if a 400 Trophy Brawler is in a Game Room with a 200 Trophy Brawler, then it won’t look perfect on the end-screen).

How do you plan on fixing Heist?

Heist was actually pretty balanced before we made the Melee guys speedier, now we’re working to get it optimal again.

Will all Brawlers eventually have skins?

We hope so! This takes quite a bit of time from our art team, but it’s something we’d certainly like to see more of.

What do you have to say regarding players saying the game is too p2w?

It’s a tough balance between rewarding players who spend months (or years!) on a game and making sure that brand new players can still compete. Our aim with Brawl Stars was to make a game where new players can still be competitive and play with their friends who may have spent months already advancing. We think that somebody who has spent years playing a game should probably have made some significant progress compared to a brand new player, but again there’s no easy answer here.



By nofunallowed297 – 

How long is the process of creating a brawler, from the conception of a usable idea to being placed into the game? Feel free to go into depth on the steps at your own discretion. I’d love to hear about it as long as it is reasonable to you.

We don’t have a clear step by step process. Creating a Brawler depends on a lot of different things. There are two main tracks that we need to complete. First is the mechanics. What is the Brawler doing? Is it Short range, long range, fast, slow, etc. Is he a Crow-type assassin or a Primo type tank? We’re usually trying to fill a gap that the current game balance is missing. Next are the art style and direction. If the direction is very clear and the stars align, a Brawler could be born within a month. Though often we need to make lots of iterations and adjustments.

How do you decide on what a brawler’s rarity will be?

The Rarity is decided by the Brawler’s complexity and by which rarities need more Brawlers. For example, if we feel that we need more early-game Brawlers then we’d try to make a simpler Brawler to fit within that role.

When creating a brawler, do you have a role to play in the game ( e.g. Bo being a “ranged mini-tank”), or do you create the design of a brawler ( i.e. attack, damage, range, health, speed, super, and etc) and work from there?

It’s a bit of both. If there’s a clear need for a role within the game then we’ll design with that in mind. Conversely, if we come up with a really cool type of mechanic (like Darryl’s Super) then we’ll roll with it.


By TI-Sagar Hei devs! Can we expect to get Spectate game feature in the future?

We’re actively working on this now! It’s a bit more complicated to implement than our other games which is why it’s taking a bit longer.

For example, in Boom Beach, the game records the players’ inputs and recreates the battle with the AI. For Brawl, we need to do it a bit differently since there are more inputs and we don’t have an AI. We need to store every single tick in the entire game in order to replay it correctly.


By xKingKevinx What is the brawl stars team working on that we can expect in the next update? Also ily rlight 🙂 

Hey Kev!

We don’t have the whole list in concrete yet. We’re still testing a lot of things to see what makes sense. That being said, one of the things we’ll focus on is making the early-game less intimidating (think the first time someone opens Brawl Stars). We’ve received feedback that the game is a little unforgiving to new players and we’d like to improve on that.


By patrick_steward – 

Have you considered adding a larger scale type showdown, maybe a 30-50 people one. This would take place in a big map with different environments within it. Each environment comes with different threats eg random bears wondering around etc.

I think you just gave our server guys a heart attack

What happened to Shelly’s pet, will it be used for another brawler in the future?

We didn’t finish the artwork for Shelly’s pet, so it exists in the void of nothingness for now.

Have you thought about a stealth like brawler? Maybe one that’s super allows it to become invisible for a set time.

This sounds cool!

Are you planning on adding. Brawler with a faster movement speed then crows?

No plans for that right now.


Well, those were 5 players that asked some pretty nice questions with some (not all) satisfying responses from the dev team. Stay tuned for the next post on more questions and more answers!



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