Brawl Stars Community Round Table Replies ft. #1 Player Feli—分离

Hey guys! Today’s blog will be about the Brawl Stars Community Round Table questions the subreddit has posted! A special thank you to the number 1 player Feli—分离 for answering these questions in his opinion! You can see the original post here.  Read one of our writer’s opinions and replies here. Keep in mind that these are just opinions, if you agree, disagree, or have something to add, leave them in the comments! Keep in mind that he answeres these prior to the balance changes.

What do you think Brawl Stars NEEDS before it should go global?

Feli’s reply: I think brawl stars need more game modes and new brawlers like Colt and Crow that you can use in every game mode. The game should also have a 1v1 mode or another type of special event like Robo Rumble and Boss Brawl. It should have some type of emotes like in Clash Royale but for the end of the match to bm.


After the NEEDS are met, what do you think should be added into the game after Global Release?

His reply: When Brawl Stars goes global, I think a huge idea would be in-game tournaments where you go with your team and face other teams. The prize would be a lot of coins, and the tournament will cost gems to create.


Which Brawler do you think needs the biggest rework? How would you rework it?

His reply: I think the brawler that needs a huge rework is bull. The current meta is basically only bull, it can be useful in every mode and every map. Bull is very strong because he can kill every brawler without a problem. I would rework bull by decreasing health and make his star power a little more weak by decreasing the damage increase and decreasing the reload speed increase.


Which Game Mode needs the most love? How would you give it some love?

His reply: The game mode everyone hates is Brawl Ball. Everyone hates it since Mortis grabs the ball and just runs to the net and scores easily. A way to make Brawl Ball better is to nerf the best comp that is shelly colt and mortis, maybe by changing the maps a little or nerfing the brawlers to make them less useful. I’m not the best in that game mode, but those are my recommendations.


How do you think Brawl Stars will be different in 1 year from now?

His reply: I think Brawl Stars will become an Esports game because it has a lot of potential and it’s a 3v3 game like Vainglory. I expect a lot of tournaments and leagues of Brawl Stars in the future. I also think Brawl Stars will have around 50 brawlers and a lot of new maps and game modes.



What do you think of his responses? I hope you enjoyed this special blog with Feli! Keep Brawlin’!



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