Reddit Round Table Questions and Answers

As many of you know, Kairos Time posted a post on Reddit about the first ever Community Round Table about Brawl Stars. Here is the original post. In this post, I will answer the questions from my point of view, so enjoy, and please keep in mind that these are only my opinions.

What do you think Brawl Stars NEEDS before it should go global?

I think there is one thing that is a must, bring the invite button. I feel there needs to be the invite button in where you can invite friends on your friends list and players that have left your clan but are still visible in the chat.


After the NEEDS are met, what do you think should be added into the game after Global Release?

First and foremost, new brawlers, I would say at least 2. In addition, I think replays would be nice to add and the ability to share them would be cool too. Also, not only should you be able to share the replays with your clan, I think you should also be able to download the replays onto your device, but this isn’t a must.


Which Brawler do you think needs the biggest rework? How would your rework it?

I think Darryl needs the biggest rework. There are still many bugs with it and I feel like the brawler is very underused, especially in higher trophy ranges. I think it’s super can be very unreliable and is very hard to predict where the final ending spot will be. Currently, Daryl is mainly only used in Heist because of the ability to charge right to the safe, and I think Darryl should be more used in the other modes as well if there can be some small but beneficial tweaks to the brawler.


Which Game Mode needs the most love? How would you give it some love?

I think Boss Brawl needs more love. It gets boring after a while and sometimes it takes a lot of tries to become boss. Also, the matchmaking is not great and cheating happens in the higher-trophy ranges. I think you can solve this by removing the player names so players don’t know their opponents until the end screen, and I also think you should be boss 1 every 6 rounds at the minimum.


How do you think Brawl Stars will be different in 1 year from now?

There are one of two things, one, the game could be dead, or two, it could reach the top of the iTunes and Google Play stores. I believe there will be many more exciting game modes and many more unique brawlers, along with new designs and more things to do.


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