Brawl Stars Mirror Tourney

Welcome to the first and only Brawl Stars Mirror Tourney! Players will battle head one against each other in teams using the same deck the opponent is using, allowing those with true skill and teamwork to get noticed!

Remember that all listed times are in CST. There is a tip after rules about NA time zone conversions.



  • This is an NA Tournament! You must live in North America to enter this tournament! This is important for match-making. If you do not live in NA, you are entering at your own risk as we teams that show up late are disqualified with NO rematches.
  • If your team does not have players with the required brawlers, please do not participate.
  • Any cheating will result from an immediate disqualification from the tourney and multiple attempts will result from a server ban of 2+ weeks.
  • You must be older than 13 to play.
  • You may only sign up once, repeat entries will result in a disqualification and an open spot for another player.
  • You may only enter with one account. Multiple accounts by the same person are not allowed. You may also only be on ONE team
  • Leaving the Discord while still in the tournament will result in the loss of your team and the advance of the opposing team.
  • You may have one substitute, but you must state that player when registering. Code 1: Yolando. That is the only person you may use, and you may only use the sub for 1 round.
  • You must have proof for all victories, including screen recording and/or screen shots. More info in How to Prove a Victory.
  • We reserve the right to feature your gameplay clip on Brawl Stars Daily, The Weekly Brawler, YouTube and Reddit.
  • Supercell’s TOS –

*Failure to follow any rules results in the immediate disqualification from the tournament

**If one player on a team is disqualified, the entire team is disqualified, so don’t cheat!

Tip: Est is one hour ahead of CST, MT is one hour behind CST, and Pst is two hours behind Cst


Time and Date

Registration starts on 1/11/2018 at 6:00 pm and ends on 1/12/2018 at 6:00 pm. Only the first 16 teams will be accepted. Tourney starts on 1/13/2018 and ends on 1/21/2018. No games will be played 1/15 – 1/19 due to school. The finals will either be at 3:00 pm or 4:00 pm. You may sign your team up for 4 different time slots: 4 teams at 2:00 pm, 4 teams at 3:00 pm, and 8 teams at 4:00 pm, leaving a total of 16 teams (48 players).

How it Works:

To register for the tournament, you have to sign up for it using the Google Forms and then join the Discord server. ( All the information about your matches will be given to you on Discord by the Moderators, Helpers, and Admins. There will be 16 teams in total, 3 players per team. There are 4 rounds total, each round being single elimination format with best of 3 except the Finals, which will be best of 5. Teams will be displayed on Discord.


How to Prove a Victory:

All rounds need proof in order for any team to advance, no proof from any team means either a redo or one team is randomly moving on. Proof includes a video of the round or a screenshot at the end of each round. However, if you choose to screenshot, 2 players on your team must screenshot the end page for better proof or the other team must agree of the outcome. Code 2: I’m op. If you want to have your gameplay featured, record the round. Send all proof to a mod or admin.



Want to get better rewards? Here’s your chance to help! This Brawl Stars tournament is meant to reward players by their skill. These funds will go into rewards for the players, and will NOT be used for personal benefit.

Your support will not only motivate us but the Brawl Stars community to interact and compete in this friendly tournament for their chance to show off their skills!

Click here ( to donate to us, DM an admin on Discord, or visit the #promotion-channel-info channel on Discord for more info. Any amount donated will be very much appreciated!

When you donate, you or your group will be featured in our sponsored channel on Discord and will be given the Sponsor role.


Tournament Layout:

Round 1: Bounty – Cabbage Patch (Games to be played on 1/13)

16 teams battle each other to end with 8 teams. The brawler composition both teams will be using is Piper, Barley, and Bull. Brackets will be announced 1 day prior to the matches. Best of 3.

Round 2: Brawl Ball – Pinhole Punt (Games to be played on 1/14)

8 teams battle each other to end with 4 teams. The brawler composition both teams will be using is Darryl, Colt, and Brock. Brackets will be announced the day before the matches. Best of 3.

Round 3: Smash & Grab – Crystal Cavern (Games to be played on 1/20)

4 teams battle each other to end with 2 teams. The brawler composition both teams will be using is Pam, Dynamike, and Jessie. Brackets will be announced the day before the matches. Code 3: checkpoint. Best of 3.

Round 4: Bounty – Snake Prairie (Finals to be played on 1/21)

2 teams battle each other in the finals to determine the winner. The brawler composition both teams will be using is Bo, Shelly, and Ricochet. The game time will be either 3:00 pm or 4:00 pm. Best of 5.




Join this Discord server ( to be eligible to join the tourney. Joining the server is compulsory. Everyone on your team must be in the Discord server! We will only accept the first 16 teams, so come quickly! After joining the Discord, go to this link to register for the tourney:



The winning team will receive $30, splitting $10 per player. This time, only iTunes gift cards are available. Let an admin know if you want a Canadian iTunes gift-card or a U.S. iTunes gift-card.




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