The Cheating Problem in Boss Fight and How to Fix It

Hello there again brawlers, welcome back to another post! In today’s post, I’ll be going over Boss Brawl, one of the new game mode that came with the last update. This won’t be a strategy guide, that is for some other time. This post is about the current major problem with Boss Fight (not Boss Brawl) and a possible solution to fixing it.

As many of you have probably heard or experienced this cheating, there should be no doubt it should be stopped. Players (mainly “top” players) have abused the system of matchmaking once again to help them gain an edge in Boss Fight. The players are now cheating the system to get matched against each other in the 5v1 game mode. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, stay put and read on.

Abusing Matchmaking

These so-called top players have the advantage here of simply having high brawlers. Just like any other game mode, Boss Fight matches players around their brawler trophy level (usually). Because of their high brawlers, the player pool in that range is much smaller than lower ranges. Not only is there limited players at high trophy ranges (400+ on the brawler), but also the factor of tickets. Requiring tickets reduces the player pool drastically due to the limited amount of tickets pulled from boxes.

With those first two elements in play, there is simply one last step needed to get that 8m bragger on their profile; that is queueing up at the same time. When players have direct contact with one another through things like Discord’s voice chat or iMessage, it is not hard for a group of even up to 10 people hitting the battle button at once. With these three factors combined, there is a very high chance of multiple people ending up in the same room.

Why This is a Problem

Although many would say that this is smart and should be left the way it is, the reality is that it must be fixed. This type of cheating completely breaks not only the game mode but the game as well, for the cheaters get significantly more coins through this method. Not only does this give an advantage to the cheaters, but it makes the unlucky players that get matched up with a group of, say, 3 cheaters, where they have to 2v1 the boss. Not only do the legit players lose tickets and time, it brings the game mode closer and closer to the Showdown teaming crisis late last year, which no doubt made a lot of players leave the game. What the following clip and decide if you want this happening to you:

How to Decrease This from Happening

Cheating like this has to be prevented in some way, it cannot just be ignored. Most commentators suggest banning the player(s) involved, and while that is an option, it may not be the best solution for Supercell due to the high amounts of players that will get a temporary ban. What I proposed will drastically decrease this kind of abuse and make this much harder to perform. It isn’t perfect, but it will certainly help.

I propose the Brawl Stars team hide the usernames of the players. Sure, high brawlers will still have a good chance of matching together due to the small player pool, but this can be fixed when (if) the game launches globally. However, without usernames, it will be harder to verify that two people are indeed in the same room. If you remember, a few months ago, they tried this with Showdown to prevent teaming, but it was quickly scratched due to the fact that most players don’t need usernames to team. In Boss Fight, however, without an external communication source, players will not be able to identify who the other players are during the round.

Someone pointed out that this method will prevent players from reporting these cheaters, and there is a solution to this. The names can be displayed after the match ends, thus allowing players to match their recorded footage and match the player(s) using their brawler. The only limitation to this is duplicate brawlers. If replays are inputted into the game, however, this can easily be taken care of by showing the usernames in the replay but not during the actual round.


That’s my conclusion on the cheating problem in Boss Fight and a possible solution to it. If you enjoyed this articles, check out another one about changing text color in Brawl Stars(updated) here. Please comment if you have any questions or suggestions that will help fix this issue. Thanks for reading, Brawl on!


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