Introducing Writer of the Week

We are excited to announce a new feature coming to our site that starts the 1/8/2018, Writer of the Week. We are eager to see how this will attract more writers and readers along with encouraging our writers to do more and provide better content for our readers.

How it will Work

How this will work is exactly what the title states, each week, there will be one writer (which could be me) that will be selected that did the best job that week. Because I am one of the owners of the site, I will almost never give myself WotW (Writer of the Week). 

How its Chosen

The way we choose the writer is based on their general performance that week. A writer who posted more than one blog will be more likely to get this title than a writer that only posted 1. However, this title is not achieved solely by quantity, that is just a part of the deciding. We also see the quality of their post(s) and how many views they got. We may add an option for our readers to vote as well in the future.


We look forward to giving these weekly titles out to our writers, and sometime in the near future, we will start rewarding those who work hard. If you want to be a writer, apply here. Thanks for reading and brawl on!


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