How to Change the Color of Text in Brawl Stars [Updated]

Howdy brawlers! As you may or may not know, it is possible to change the color of text in Brawl Stars. In the last post on this subject, which you can go here to read it, I talked about one way to change the color of text. That way still works but is somewhat outdated and more complex. This new method is shorter but also more limited.

The Code Format


This is a much simpler version and takes less character space as well. The <c#> is the starting code. The # is a number between 0-9. The list of colors is later in this post. NAME is simply just the name you want or the text, and </c> is just the ending code. An example would be: <c5>Welcome to this band.</c>

The Limitations

There are a few limitations, however. First of all, your name can only be 4 characters long if you want a name color change. Also, a name change just for a color change is not worth it since this method may be patched soon. Next, there are only 9 color options you can choose from, with 1 being white, so it’s pointless to put 1. This also means you can’t have different shades of colors. With the old method, it is possible to use any color you want with its hexadecimal code, but with this method, you cannot do that.

The Colors

Here is the number list and their corresponding colors:

9 – dark red
8 – pink
7 – yellow
6 – magenta
5 – cyan
4 – dark blue
3 – neon green
2 – dark red (similar to 9)
1 – white
0 – black


Well, that wraps up this post! I hope this post has helped you and have fun playing around! Brawl on!


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