Why There Won’t be Live Spectationg Anytime Soon

This is a highly discussed topic, especially after the previous update, and I’m here to explain why you shouldn’t expect live spectating anytime soon.

If I just broke your dreams, RIP, but hey, we all know we want global launch more than anything else.

Although most of you think spectating on Brawl Stars is a simple and easy task, it’s actually considerably harder to work it out than on Clash Royale or Clash of Clans. A viable closely related Battle Log idea would fit much more into Brawl Stars for the time being, but that’s for another day. There are a few reasons why live spectating is very difficult to do in Brawl Stars.

The View

How live spectating will work is a huge problem. Although smaller maps like SnG and Bounty can some-what be legible after being compressed to fit the screen all at once (although who wants that), larger maps like Showdown or Heist are impossible to fit all the action at once. Some may suggest an option for you to just view what one brawler can see and switch between the brawler views, while others may suggest a free-move screen meaning you can just swipe to view anywhere you want clearly. If you want to know why these won’t work, read on.


Cheating is a main factor of the live spectating problem. I’m sure you can already see why. Helpers can be spectating and guide the players telling the locations of opponents or things that the player may have missed. As I stated earlier, switching between brawler views will definitely not work because that gives away the location of all the players and will be a HUGE advantage to the team with a “fourth” eye. This is also true for the free-move feature. If you can just swipe to anywhere on the screen, even if you can’t see the other team when they are hiding in the grass, just gives the team a MASSIVE advantage as well. Also, people bring up the fact that people can just view their own team, just like other games like Clash Royale. This incites two problems, first, which player’s POV will they be able to see? There are 3 players on a team so who will you see? Second, how does the game know whose team you are on? There is no way the game can decide what team you are on. These two reasons diminish the possibility of that method. Until there is a good way to prevent cheating like this, there won’t be live spectating.

So now you know, until the cheating problem can be fixed and there is a viable way of live spectating, don’t be expecting this feature coming anytime soon. Until then, if spectating ever becomes reality, we’ll just wait for global launch, and hope that it comes soon. (I mean smh did you see what a mod posted on Reddit? They asked the community if we thought global launch would come in 2018!)


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