Seriously Under-Powered Star “Powers”

Hey guys! It’s me, DM. It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so I’ve decided to write about one of the most controversial topics in Brawl Stars. I’m obviously talking about those weird star powers (ha you thought it was GG Corral didn’t you).

I know Galaxy recently posted about this, and I decided this would be stellar (no pun intended) opportunity to throw my own opinion into the mix, and see how his comparison and ratings of the Star Powers compare with mine. Also, please keep in mind that these are simply my opinions and don’t have hate towards me.

I’ve decided to start from the bottom in this post. I’m going to point out some of the most pathetic star powers in the game, ones that aren’t close to worth 1K tokens, and why I think they’re so trash. These are not ranked in any particular order.

The criteria upon which I will be comparing them with are as follows:

-Usefulness to a team

-How many times it could actually come into use (realistically)

-Overall contribution to the role of the brawler

Starting off the list we have:

BARLEY: Medical Use

Barley’s Star Power, in my opinion, is seriously underwhelming. It only heals 100 hp per bottle, which hardly makes any difference in real combat. Essentially, this star power can’t really turn the tide of the game or give your team an upper hand. At most, it’s useful in showdown when you can just heal yourself. In all honesty, it can’t be justified to buy, as it gives no real edge to Barley.

Image result for barley brawl stars

TARA: Black Portal

To be realistic, I have no idea where Supercell was trying to go with this one. For 1000 tokens, you get a weak, frail, pathetic copy of Nita’s bear that dies within 2 seconds of spawning. The shadow Tara has no purpose, and literally can’t even get in a single shot before being destroyed. Worst of all, it doesn’t even have range, making it a wannabe bear. With zero team usefulness and no power in general, I’d call this one a Star Failure. (I know a lot of you guys disagree with this, but to me, I think Tara’s Star Power isn’t as great as it may seem)

Image result for tara brawl stars

EL PRIMO: El Fuego

El Primo’s Star Power is EXTREMELY underwhelming. Once again, for so many tokens, you get….something that means literally nothing. All Primo does is copy crow for 4 seconds by setting you ablaze. Not only that, the damage is pathetic and has 0 say in the outcome of a team fight. This star power could be so much better if El Primo slowed his enemies or something.

Image result for el primo brawl stars

These three are all I’m doing for now because they are probably the worst of the set. I will probably continue this series, next being the star powers that aren’t dirt trash, but still aren’t worth the 1K tokens. That’s all for today and Happy New Year!


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